This archives is gathering both the stories which breathe life into history as well as the cold facts of the data collected over time, which gives a different glimpse at the life of the Diocese of Georgia. This page will collect statistics of the Diocese, both as reported in an individual year and comparisons of data over time. Comparisons are not always flattering as Bishop Reese noted in his 1926 Bishop’s Address:

“Since the Convention of 1909 when I first began my work as Bishop to and including 1924, the reports show that there were 4,365 persons confirmed in the Diocese or an average of 257 a year. In 1908 when the first Convention was held after the division there were 4,439 Communicants in the Diocese. Including 1924 there were 5,562, a gain of 1,123, or about an average gain of 60 a year. There is nothing peculiar to our Diocese in such figures, but they are none the less startling. Two hundred and fifty-seven Confirmed per annum and a gain in Communicants of 60 per annum.”

1908 Diocesan Statistics
This was the first year after the Diocese of Georgia, which from its founding in 1823 until 1907 included the entire state, was divided into the Dioceses of Atlanta and Georgia, with the southern 2/3s of the state remaining as the Diocese of Georgia.

1945 Diocesan Statistics
These offer a look at the Diocese of Georgia as it moved out of World War II.

2009 and 2010 Diocesan Statistics Compared
A chart shows all congregations (who filed parochial reports) for 2009 alongside 2010.