David Watson Winn

The Rev. David Watson Winn (1857-1926)

The convention journal of 1927 states, “Rev. David Watson Winn was born in Richmond, Virginia, February 19th, 1857. Mr. Winn was ordained Priest by Bishop Whittle, of Virginia, in 1881; he became assistant minister at Christ Church, Macon, in 1882; subsequently he was Missionary at Grace Church, Waycross, assistant at Christ Church, Frederica, and in 1898 became rector of this church and vicar of Camden County Missions, the two last mentioned charges he held at the time of his death on October 28th, 1926. Mr. Winn was honored by his Bishop in being appointed one of his Examining Chaplains, and by his Diocese by being chosen a member of the Board of Missions, Archdeacon of Brunswick, a member of the Standing Committee, and in 1915 Alternate Deputy to the General Convention.”

In his Bishop’s Address from that year, Bishop Reese said, “On October 21, 1926, while the Departments of the Executive Council were meeting, we were shocked and grieved to receive notice of the sudden death of our dear old friend, the Rev. David Watson Winn, Rector of Christ Church, Frederica, and Vicar of Camden County Missions. It is difficult for me to speak of Mr. Winn with moderation. I had known him for thirty-six years when I first came to Georgia. After I became Bishop, he became one of my most faithful and valued co-workers and counsellors, and my very dear friend. It is hard to believe that he has gone. He had been in bad health for some years, but in spite of it, was indefatigable in labor, unsparing of himself in his devotion to his parishioners and to his duty in every sphere of his varied services to the Church and community. Had he been more considerate of himself, he might have been with us yet. But that was impossible for him, a man of extraordinary industry and incessant activity, he simply wore himself out in service. After all, he lived his life to its full measure as God gave him capacity, and having done it, he entered into rest, well earned. He was born in Richmond, Virginia, in 1857, and was made deacon in 1880 and priest in 1881, a graduate of the Virginia Theological Seminary. After serving in his native diocese for two years, he came to Georgia as Assistant Minister of Christ Church, Macon. After two years be became Missionary at Grace Church, Waycross, and as such traveled throughout the coast counties doing Missionary work wherever opportunity offered. He then became Assistant Minister of Christ Church, Frederica, St. Simon’s Island, under the late Rev. A. G. P. Dodge, and later Missionary at St. Jude’s, Brunswick, and finally was elected Associate Rector of the parish on St. Simon’s Island, in 1898, succeeding to the Rectorship on the death of Mr. Dodge on August 20, 1898. He filled at various times, positions of honor and usefulness in the diocese; Examining Chaplain; Member, Vice-Chairman, and Treasurer of the Board of Missions; Archdeacon of Brunswick; Delegate to the Missionary Conference; Alternate Deputy to the General Convention in 1916; and member of the Standing Committee. At the time of his death, he was a member of the Executive Council of the Diocese, and of the Department of Missions, and a delegate to the Provincial Synod.”