Bishops of Georgia

The following pages give a brief biography of the Bishop and offer pages with original sources material from an ever growing online collection. A gallery of photographs is online at: Photographs of Bishops of Georgia.

Bishop Elliott

The Rt. Rev. Stephen Elliott
Bishop of Georgia 1841-1866

Bishop Beckwith

The Rt. Rev. John Watrous Beckwith
Bishop of Georgia 1868-1890

Bishop Nelson The Rt. Rev. Cleland Kinchloch Nelson
Bishop of Georgia 1892-1907
(continued as Bishop of Atlanta through 1917)
Bishop Reese The Rt. Rev. Frederick Focke Reese
Bishop of Georgia 1908-1936
Bishop Barnwell The Rt. Rev. Middleton Stuart Barnwell
Bishop of Georgia 1936-1954
(Missionary Bishop of Idaho 1925-1935)
Bishop Stuart The Rt. Rev. Albert Rhett Stuart
Bishop of Georgia 1954-1971
Bishop Reeves The Rt. Rev. G. Paul Reeves
Bishop of Georgia 1972-1985
Bishop Shipps The Rt. Rev. Harry Woolston Shipps
Born 1926
Bishop of Georgia 1985-1994
Bishop Louttit The Rt. Rev. Henry I. Louttit, Jr.
Born 1938
Bishop of Georgia 1995-2010
Bishop Benhase The Rt. Rev. Scott Anson Benhase
Born 1957
Bishop of Georgia since January 23, 2010