Journal — 1838

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Held in Christ Church, Savannah,

On the 30th April, and 1st May, 1838.





Rev. Edward Neufville, Rector of Christ Church, Savannah.
Rev. Edward E. Ford, Rector of St. Paul’s Church, Augusta.
Rev. Theodore B. Bartow, Rector of Christ Church, St. Simons.
Rev. Seneca G. Bragg, Rector of Christ Church, Macon.
Rev. William D. Cairns, Rector of Trinity Church, Columbus.
Rev. John J. Hunt, Missionary, Athens, Clark Co.
Rev. George White, Savannah.



Christ Church, Savannah, April 30th. 1838.

This being the day fixed by the Constitution of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the State of Georgia, for the meeting of the 16th. Annual Convention of the same; the Clergy and Laity assembled in the temporary building occupied by the congregation of Christ Church—the place appointed for the meeting.

The Convention Sermon was preached yesterday agreeably to the provisions of the Constitution, by the Rev. William D. Cairns,–the Rev. Edward Neufville, President of the Convention, officiating in the service, and in the administration of the Communion, assisted hy the Rev. Theodore B. Bartow.

Divine service was performed this morning by the Rev. Edward E. Ford, and a sermon preached by the Rev. Theodore B. Bartow. After which the Convention was duly organized—the Rev. Edward Neufville, President, in the Chair, the Rev. Theodore B. Bartow, acting Secretary, pro tem.

The Rev. Ed. Neufville, \
“ T. B. Bartow, \
“ E. E. Ford, > Of the Clergy, Present.
“ S. G. Bragg, /
“ Wm. D. Cairns, /


Certificates of Lay Delegation were presented from the following Parishes, and the following persons were recognised as entitled to seats in this Convention:
Dr. George Jones, \
Wm. B. Bulloch, Esq. > From Christ Church, Savannah.
Dr. Theo. Bartow, /

James Gould, \
W. W. Hazzard, > From Christ Church, St. Simons’ Island.
John Fraser, /

Thomas J. Parmelee, \
Albert O. Parmelee, > From St. Paul’s Church, Augusta.
Lewis Gibson, /

Nathaniel Barker, \
James Rea, > From Christ Church, Macon.
Henry S. Cutter, /

Dr. Jno. A. Urquhart, \
Charles A. Peabody, > From Trinity Church, Columbus.
Richard Alsop, /

The following Delegates were found to be present:–Dr. George Jones, Wm. B. Bulloch, Esq., Messrs. James Rea, Thomas J. Parmelee, Charles A. Peabody.

On motion of the Rev. Mr. Ford, The 8th Article of the Constitution was amended, by striking out the words “from among the members thereof.” After which, the Rev. Wm. D. Cairns was unanimously chosen Secretary of this Convention, and Mr. R. G. Guerard, Treasurer of the Diocese for the ensuing year.


The Rev. Messrs. Cairns and Ford, and Dr. Jones, were appointed a Committee to report Rules of Order, for the government of this Convention. The Committee reported the following, which were unanimously adopted:


Rule 1. The business of each day shall be introduced by morning prayer and a sermon.
Rule 2. When the President takes the chair, no member shall continue standing, or shall stand up, unless to address the chair.
Rule 3. The order of doing business in the convention shall be as follows: 1st. The appointment of a Secretary by ballot. 2. The appointment of the committees of the convention, and special committees. 3. The annual address of the Bishop, (if there be one, and be present.) 4. The reading of the Parochial reports. 5. Reports from committees of the Diocese. 6. Reports from the Treasurer. 7. Reports from committees appointed at the last convention. 8. Reports from committees. 9. Election by ballot of Treasurer, standing committee of the Diocese, Diocesan Missionary committee and deputies to the General Convention.
Rule 4. When any member is about to speak in debate, or present any matter to the convention, he shall, with due respect, address himself to the President, confining himself strictly to the point in debate.
Rule 5. No member shall absent himself from the service of the convention unless he have leave, or be unable to attend.


Rule 6. No member shall speak more than twice in the same debate without leave of the convention.
Rule 7. A question, being once determined, shall stand as the judgment of the convention, and shall not be drawn into debate the same session, unless with consent of two thirds of the convention, Provided always, that any member of the convention voting in favor of any question, may, on the same day in which the vote is taken or on the succeeding day, move a re-consideration of said vote.
Rule 8. No motion shall be debated, or shall be considered as before the convention, unless seconded and if required, reduced to writing, and read by the Secretary.
Rule 9. When a motion is under consideration, no other motion shall be made, except to amend, to divide, to commit, or to postpone; a motion to adjourn, however, shall always be in order, and shall be decided without debate.
Rule 10. A question on amendment shall be decided before the original motion.
Rule 11. Every member who shall be present when the question is put, shall vote, unless he be personally interested, or be excused by the convention from voting.
Rule 12. When the convention is about to rise, or adjourn, every member shall keep his seat until the President shall leave the chair.

The following Committees were then appointed by the President:
Rev. Mr. Ford, \ On unfinished business.
Dr. Jones, /


Wm. B. Bulloch, \ On Finance.
Charles A. Peabody, /
Rev. Mr. Bragg, \ On State of the Church.
“ “ Ford, /

The Treasurer presented his Report, which was, on motion, referred to the Committee on Finance.
The Convention adjourned to meet at 5 o’clock, P.M.


Five O’Clock, P.M.

The Convention met pursuant to adjournment.

The Committee on unfinished business, made the following report, which was accepted:

The Committee on unfinished business, beg leave respectfully to report—

That they find the only subjects claiming their notice, to be, certain proposed alterations in the Constitution of the Protestant Episcopal Church, in the United States of America, and also, a proposed alteration in the Book of Common Prayer.

Proceedings on these subjects originated in the last General Convention of the Church, and due official notice thereof, having been given to the ecclesiastical authority of this Diocese, the subject was through that channel, brought to the view of the Convention of this Diocese, in 1836, as appears by the Journal of said Convention.

With reference to both of the above stated subjects, the Committee recommend the adoption of the subjoined Resolution. In doing so, however, they beg


leave distinctly to state that, in so far as that resolution may be thought to involve, by implication, an expression of their views with reference to the abstract question of the right, on the part of a Diocese to give specific instructions to its Delegates to the General Convention, they protest against any such inference, designing neither to allege, nor to deny aught with reference to that question, and declaring the principal object of said resolution to be, to afford thereby, authentic evidence to the General Convention, that the proposed alterations have been brought to the view of this Convention, agreeably to the design of the 9th Article of the General Constitution of the Church.

With this explanation, they beg leave to propose to this Convention, the adoption of the following Resolution:

Resolved, That this Convention, reposing full confidence in its Delegates to the approaching General Convention of the Church, cheerfully refers to them, the decision upon the above mentioned proposed alterations in the General Constitution of the Church, and in the Book of Common Prayer, in the exercise of their conscientious judgment thereon, with such light and such information respecting them, as they may derive from the deliberations of the General Convention.

The committee on Finance reported, that they had examined the Treasurer’s Report, with the accompanying vouchers, exhibiting a balance in favor of the convention of $22,50—and in favor of “the


Society for the general advancement of christianity in the State of Georgia” of $210—and found them correct. The Report was accepted.

The Parochial Reports were then read, received and referred to the committee on the State of the Church. They were as follows:

Rev. Edward Neufville, Rector.

Baptisms, (infants,) 34
Marriages, 8
Burials, 30
Confirmed, 10
Communicants, 147
Sunday School Superintendent, Librarian
and Teachers, 16
Do. do. Pupils, 103
Average attendance, 68

Teachers’ meetings are held weekly. It is intended to establish a Bible class for young Ladies, in connexion with the School.

Amount of weekly “offerings” and monthly
Missionary meeting collections for
General Domestic, and Foreign
Committees, $187,68
Female Missionary Society, to the same object, 82,00
Contributed by the Pupils and Female Teachers
of the Sunday School to Diocesan
Missions, 80,50
Other contributions to Diocesan Missions, 371,10


There are also connected with this Church, a Prayer Book and a Tract Society, the former of which, has distributed since its organization about 250 Prayer Books.

It having become necessary to take down and rebuild the Parish Church, the congregation assemble at present, in a building temporarily fitted up for Divine Worship.

Upon the whole the Rector has reason to be thankful, that under so many embarrassments arising from untoward circumstances, the condition of this Parish continues to be prosperous.


Rev. Edward E. Ford, Rector,

Reports as follows, on the state of his Parish since the last convention of the Diocese.
Baptisms, (2 adults, 12 children,) 14
Marriages, 7
Burials, 8
Communicants, (6 added—5 removed)
present number, 71
Confirmed, by the Right Rev. Bishop Bowen, on the 7th of May last, 6 persons.

The Sunday School is under the direction of a Superintendent, 3 male and 5 female Teachers—the average number of children in attendance, being about 40.


The following collections have been made during the year for missions:
For China Mission—collected by Rev. Mr. Boone,
in April last, $45,00
For Missions within the Diocese—collection
made in the Church, in July last, $43,25
From “Church offerings”—since beginning
of August, when the system was first
adopted, 105,68
From young Ladies in Miss Tyson’s
School, 10,50
For the General Theological Seminary, 73,08
For the General Sunday School Union—
collected by Rev. Mr. Staunton, the agent
on a recent visit to the congregation, 43,10
Total, $320,61


Rev. T. B. Bartow, Rector.

Baptisms, 11
Communicants, 13

Neither death nor marriage has occurred among the white inhabitants of this Parish, during the past year.


Rev. Seneca G. Bragg, Rector,

Baptisms, (adults 3—children 18)—total 21
Confirmations, 20
Communicants, (added 12, 6 by certificate or letter
of recommendation—died 1—removed 3)
present number 42
Marriages, 10
Funerals, (adults, of the congregation 3—children of
do 6—adults, not of the congregation 8—
children, not of do 5)—total 22

The Sunday School is sustained under the care of the Rector, a Superintendent, and six teachers. The number of scholars attending, about 30. The number of volumes in the Library 350.

During the conventional year, ending in April, 1837, not a death occurred among the regular attendants of our church. Since that period, however, a highly respected and beloved member has entered into her heavenly rest; and an attendant, who was a candidate for communion, after a short illness, died in the faith of the gospel. Two of the most exemplary scholars in the Sunday School were suddenly transferred, as we hope, from the kingdom of grace to the kingdom of glory.

While we have had occasion for mourning and lamentation, on account of these bereavements of our flock, we have also cause for rejoicing, in the


late visit of the Right Rev. Jackson Kemper, D. D., Missionary Bishop for the States of Missouri and Indiana, by whom our church was consecrated to the worship of Almighty God, and the holy rite of confirmation administered to twenty persons on the 25th day of March.

We desire to record our grateful sense of the benefits which have already flowed from that visit, and our confidence, that it will long continue to exert a happy influence on all the interests of our Parish, together with our deep solicitude in relation to the future enjoyment of Episcopal supervision and services.

The system of Periodical Church Offerings still meets with increased favor and patronage.

A Parish Association has been formed, recently, composed of all the families and attendants of the church, and embracing all objects of christian benevolence.

Besides appropriations to other objects, we have contributed the sum of 100 dollars, in aid of the cause of Missions, Diocesan and General; and hope to do more, hereafter, as the means of information respecting that cause, are now multiplied in our Parish by an enlarged subscription for the “Spirit of Missions.”

It is our earnest prayer, that the “Lord of the harvest” may be pleased to send forth, able and successful laborers into every part of this spiritual vinyard.


Rev. Wm. D. Cairns, Rector.

The first Rector of Trinity Church, Columbus, took charge of the same on the first day of June, 1837.

The first service was performed in the church on the following Sunday, June the 3d. The Pews of the church, 46 in number, were rented at public auction the next day, for one year, at the aggregate sum of 3369 dollars. The church has been beautifully furnished with carpets and hangings, a complete service of communion plate, a baptismal font of the finest marble, a pair of elegant stoves, altar chairs, lamps, and an Organ of 14 stops, at an entire cost of 3000 dollars. The sacrament of the Lord’s Supper was administered in the church, the first time on the 9th of July, when only 8 persons communed. The present number of communicants is 20. There have been in the Parish, since the 1st of June,
5 adult Baptisms, 11 infants—total 16.
3 Marriages,
4 Burials.

The church was consecrated on the 1st day of the present month by Bishop Kemper, who also administered confirmation on the same day to 12 persons. All the exercises of this interesting occasion were deeply impressive, and will be long and gratefully remembered by those who participated in them. This visit of the Missionary Bishop, has been of incalculable service to our infant Parish, and long shall we be constrained to bless God, for the privileges


which we then enjoyed, and for the high favor of being thus confirmed in the Lord by one, who, in imitation of his own blessed example of doing good, is so peculiarly his servant.

The necessity of a new appointment for the Episcopal superintendence of our scattered Parishes in the South West, has been strikingly exemplified in the favorable influence exerted, by the very short visit of Bishop Kemper, over the best interests of our little church. It was as acceptable as it was timely.

The Rector of Trinity Church, visited in September last, the flourishing village of Lafayette, in Chambers Co. Ala.—Baptism was administered to 1 infant—the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper to 14 persons, 3 of whom only were Episcopalians resident in the place: one received the communion for the first time. This place, together with some accessible point in the State of Georgia, would form a most desirable field for Missionary labour, it is gratifying to observe, that the Domestic Missionary Committee have already numbered it in the list of their stations.

The Sunday School of Trinity Church, yet in an infant state, numbers about 30 scholars—it has the benefit of a small Library, which will be speedily increased.

Provision is made in this Parish, for the payment of the expenses of the Rector and Delegates in their attendance upon the meetings of the convention.

April 30, 1838.


Rev. George White residing in Savannah.

To the President and Members of the Convention of
the Diocese of Georgia.

Since the meeting of the last Convention, I have been engaged in preaching to the seamen of this port. The congregations until very recently, have been large and attentive.
The calls for Bibles, Prayer Books and Tracts, have been frequent. It is not in my power to communicate to your body, any particular instances of good resulting from my labours. I have endeavored to preach Christ in all his offices, and I hope, that it will please Almighty God to sanction his own word. I have officiated at 5 marriages, at six baptisms, and 15 funerals. Very respectfully,

Savannah, April 29th, 1838.


The Rev. George White, a Presbyter of this Diocese appeared and took his seat.

On motion, it was,

Resolved, That visiting Clergy of the Protestant Episcopal Church, and candidates for orders in the Protestant Episcopal Church, who may be present in Savannah, be invited to attend the meetings of


this convention. Whereupon, the Rev. Alfred Lee, of the Diocese of Connecticut, took his seat.

On motion of the Rev. Mr. Cairns, it was

Resolved, That a committee of 3 Clergymen and 2 Laymen be appointed, including the President of the convention, who shall be the chairman of the committee, to take into consideration the expediency of memorializing the next General Convention, on the subject of the appointment of a Missionary Bishop, for the South Western portion of the United States, with the privilege of taking under his Episcopal care, such of the smaller Dioceses as are yet unable to elect Bishops for themselves, at the invitation of those Dioceses, and on condition that they will provide proportionably for his support—and, in the event of judging it desirable, so to memorialize the General Convention, to draw up the memorial in proper form, to be presented for the adoption of this convention at the evening session of to-morrow.

The following persons were appointed as associates with the President on this committee:
Rev. Wm. D. Cairns,
“ T. B. Bartow,
Dr. Jones,
Mr. Parmelee.

The convention then resolved itself into “the Society for the general advancement of christianity in the State of Georgia”—after attending to the business of which, a motion was made and carried, to adjourn until 10 o’clock to-morrow morning.


Tuesday Morning, May 1st.

Morning Prayer was read by the Rev. T. B. Bartow, and a sermon preached by the Rev. Alfred Lee, of Connecticut.

The convention organized immediately after service.

The minutes of yesterday were read and approved.

The standing committee of the Diocese, presented the following Report, which was accepted:

The standing committee of this Diocese, in presenting their report to the convention, regret that so little has been accomplished through their instrumentality, notwithstanding the efforts they have put forth, to obtain the services of a Missionary. In two instances they were encouraged to hope that they would be enabled to communicate more cheering intelligence, respecting the progress of the church in this Diocese; but the clergymen with whom they were in correspondence, ultimately declined their overtures.

The Rev. Wm. D. Cairns, Rector of Trinity Church, Columbus, has been transferred to this Diocese from that of North Carolina—and was appointed to preach the convention sermon, in consequence of the receipt of the following communication from the Rev. J. J. Hunt, to whom that duty was assigned by a resolution of the last convention:


Savannah, Dec. 6th, 1837.
Rev. E. Neufville, President of the standing committee of the Diocese of Georgia—

I desire, through you, to notify the proper authority, that the inconvenience and expense attending it, will prevent me from fulfilling the appointment of preaching the opening sermon, at the convention of eighteen hundred and thirty-eight.

No information having been received from Mr. Hunt during the last year, in relation to his proceedings at Athens, the committee are unable to furnish a statement of the success of his Mission there—they are constrained to believe, however, that it is inexpedient any longer to continue the appropriation which was made for its support out of the Diocesan Missionary fund, and which might be more profitably applied to some other object, and have taken measures to this effect. They would recommend the adoption of some more efficient plan of conducting the missionary operations of the Diocese, than that which has been hitherto pursued. Acting, as they have done, in their restricted capacity of “a board of trust” of the society for the advancement of christianity in Georgia, they have been unable to assume the responsibility of adding such an amount to the sum appropriated to the missionary stations in the Diocese, by the domestic committee on Missions, as


might be the means of securing suitable persons to occupy them.

ED. NEUFVILLE, President.
W.P. Hunter, Secretary.

Notice was given to the convention that a committee from “the society for the general advancement of christianity in the State of Georgia,” was in attendance upon the convention with a communication from said society.

Whereupon it was unanimously agreed that the committee be heard.

The committee stated in substance, that it had been deemed expedient by the society, to effect a different arrangement in the mode of conducting the missionary and other benevolent operations of the Diocese, which should be more in accordance with the recognised principles of the church; and that therefore, they had been authorized by the society to request that the convention would henceforth take these matters more entirely under its own control.

The request of the society was unanimously acceded to—and on motion, it was

Resolved, That the convention will appoint annually, by ballot, a committee on Missions, whose duty it shall be to take in charge the Missionary and other benevolent operations of the church, in this Diocese, and report proceedings to each succeeding convention of the same.

The following canon, was then offered, and unanimously adopted:

The convention shall appoint annually, by ballot,


a committee of 2 Clergymen and 3 Laymen, whose duty it shall be to take in charge, the Missionary, Bible, Common Prayer Book, Tract and Sunday School operations of the church in this Diocese; and it shall further be the duty of this committee, to make a full report of all their proceedings, to each succeeding annual convention.
The Secretary of the convention was directed to pay to the Secretary of the General Convention, the balance of the assessment due from this Diocese for the contingent expenses of the General Convention, with authority to draw upon the Treasurer of this Diocese, for the amount of the same.

The convention then proceeded to an election, by ballot, of the Standing Committee, a committee on Missions, and Delegates to the next General Convention; when the following persons were duly chosen:

Standing Committee,
Rev. E. E. FORD,
Rev. T. B. BARTOW,

Committee on Missions,


Delegates to the General Convention,

“ S. G. BRAGG, CHAS. DAY, Esq.
“ WM. D. CAIRNS, L. C. ALLEN, Esq.

The following resolution offered by Rev. Mr. Ford, was unanimously adopted,

Resolved, That this convention do most earnestly commend to the several Parishes of the Diocese, the system of “Church Offerings,” as the most easy and efficient method of raising pecuniary supplies for sustaining the missionary and other benevolent operations of the Diocese: this convention hereby declaring to them, at the same time, that there exists a necessity for much more liberal contributions to those interests, than have heretofore been made.

On motion, it was

Resolved, That a committee of 2 Clergymen and 3 Laymen be appointed, of which committee, the President of the convention shall be the chairman—to propose for the consideration of the next annual convention of the Church of this Diocese, a revised Constitution and Canons, for the government of the Church in the same, Whereupon, the Rev. E. E. Ford, Wm. B. Bulloch, R. R. Cuyler, and Wm. P. Hunter, Esqrs, were appointed.

The next annual Convention was appointed to meet in St. Paul’s Church, Augusta.
Convention adjourned until 5 o’clock, P. M.


Five o’clock, P.M.

The Convention met pursuant to adjournment.

On motion of the Rev. Mr. White, it was,

Resolved, That in addition to the regular convention sermon, a missionary sermon be preached on the evening of the day immediately preceding that appointed for the meeting of convention, the preacher to be appointed by the convention.

The Rev. George White, was appointed to preach the next convention sermon, and the Rev. Wm. D. Cairns, the missionary sermon.

On motion of the Rev. Mr. Cairns, it was unanimously,

Resolved, That the thanks of this convention, are due to the Right Rev. Jackson Kemper, D. D., for the acceptable and most efficient services rendered by him to the Churches in Macon and Columbus, during his late Episcopal visit to the same, and that the Secretary be directed to assure him, that this convention will ever hold in grateful remembrance the promptness and zeal with which those services were rendered.

It was ordered that 500 copies of the Journal of this convention, without the Constitution and Canons, be printed for distribution.

On motion, the thanks of this convention were unanimously tendered to Mr. R. G. Guerard, for his services (gratuitously rendered) as Treasurer of the Diocese.


The Rev. Mr. White offered the following resolutions, which were unanimously adopted:

Resolved, That this convention deeply deplore the loss, which the Protestant Episcopal Church has sustained in the death of the Right Rev. William M. Stone, D. D., Bishop of the Diocese of Maryland.

Resolved, That this convention entertain the highest respect, for the fervent piety and apostolic zeal of Bishop Stone, and that they sympathize with the Church, in the loss it has sustained by his death.

Resolved, That a copy of the above resolutions, be sent by the Secretary of this convention, to the family of the late Bishop Stone.

The following Report of the Committee on the State of the Church, was then read and received.

The committee “on the State of the Church,” beg leave to present the following Report—

“On taking a survey of the spiritual condition of the Diocese, since the last General Convention of the Church, the committee feel that they have cause to express their gratitude for manifestations of the goodness of the great head of the Church during that period: they would acknowledge that “hitherto the Lord hath helped us,” and though surrounded by some discouragements, yet in view of the brighter prospects which are now dawning on our portion of Zion, they desire devoutly to “thank God and take courage.”

In proceeding to discharge more directly the specific duty committed to them, they beg leave to pre-


sent the following statistical statement for the above mentioned period.

Baptisms—Adult 16
Children 195—Total 211
Confirmations, 48
Communicants, present number, 293
Marriages, 62
Funerals, 146
Sunday Schools—Superintendents, 4
Teachers, 32
Children—the average number attending, about 168, there being however, a much larger number registered.
Sunday School Libraries, containing 1075 vols.
There is one Parish Library, with 120 vols.

The moneys contributed to various benevolent objects of the Church, they have no means of ascertaining correctly, except for the conventional year which has just closed—during that year they have been as follows, viz:

For Missions, $1025
For the General Theological Seminary, 73
For the General Sunday School Union, 43

Since the last General Convention, a very handsome and commodious Church has been erected by the congregation of Trinity Church, Columbus, which was consecrated to the service of Almighty God, on the 1st of April, 1838, by the Right Rev. Bishop Kemper.

The society for the advancement of christianity in Georgia, which heretofore has been charged with the missionary interests of the Diocese, has been dis-


solved, and in lieu of it, a committee of the convention has been instituted, to be hereafter appointed annually by that body, and to be charged not only with missionary operations, but also with the Sunday Schools, and with the distribution of Bibles, Common Prayer Books and Tracts, within the Diocese. This is regarded by the committee as a highly important measure; its professed object being, to carry out in practice, the great general principle recently avowed by the Church, of the duty of the Church, in her ecclesiastical capacity and authority, to assume the direct care and supervision of missions, as well as of all other benevolent operations.

Before closing this Report, the committee beg leave to add, that in view of the recent visit of the Right Rev. Jackson Kemper, D. D., Missionary Bishop of the States of Missouri and Indiana, and his performance of Episcopal services—the committee recognise peculiar tokens of the Divine favor which demand our sincere and most grateful acknowledgements. We trust that the future history of our Diocese will prove that we are neither insensible to the obligations involved in the signal blessings we have experienced, nor unmindful of the encouragements afforded us to increased activity and usefulness in the cause of Christ and his Church.”

The committee appointed to consider the expediency of memorializing the next General Convention, upon the subject of the appointment of a Missionary Bishop for the South West, reported in favor of the measure, and offered for the approval of Convention, the following memorial to the House of Bishops,


that being the body charged with the duty of nomination under the provisions of the 2d. Canon of 1835.
“To the Right Rev’d Bishops of the Protestant Episcopal Church, in General Convention assembled:

This Memorial of the Sixteenth Annual Convention of the Diocese of Georgia, held in the City of Savannah, on the 30th April and 1st of May, 1838, respectfully showeth:

That the advancement of the interests of the Church in this Diocese, has been greatly retarded through the want of such regular Episcopal ministrations as are enjoyed by nearly all the States and Territories within the United States: that the recent visit of the Right Rev. J. Kemper, D. D., Missionary Bishop for Indiana and Missouri, to the Churches at Macon and Columbus in Georgia, has more than ever impressed our minds with the conviction of the importance of renewing our efforts to secure such ministrations; and that the present exigencies of the Church, require prompt and efficient action, in order to obviate the very great inconvenience which may be apprehended to result from a longer delay.

The Church in this Diocese being yet disqualified, by the limited number of its Parishes and settled Clergymen, for electing a Bishop of its own, we have no resource but in making an appeal to your venerable body, for the supply of our need; and beg leave very respectfully to suggest the expediency of the appointment of a Bishop, in conformity with the provisions of Canon 2d. of 1835, whose jurisdiction shall


embrace such of the South Western States and Territories as are not yet organized into Dioceses, and such others as may be disposed to place themselves under his Episcopal care, and contribute in a measure accordant with their several ability, to his support: reserving to themselves however at the same time, the right of withdrawing, or securing his services exclusively to themselves, whensoever either of them shall be qualified, according to the Canons, to elect a Bishop for itself.

If this our application should be favorably received, we hereby pledge ourselves for the annual amount of at least $500, to be contributed towards the support of such Missionary Bishop, for the South West, during the period of our connexion with him, as joint participants with others in his Episcopal ministrations.

And that the Great Head of the Church may be mercifully pleased to turn the hearts of the “Fathers” of the Church “towards” their spiritual “children” “dispersed abroad” in this extensive field of missionary operation, your memorialists will not cease to pray earnestly through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

Done in Savannah, this first day of May, 1838.
Attest, Wm. D. Cairns, Secretary.


The memorial was unanimously accepted, and after receiving the signatures of all the members composing the convention, was ordered to be certified by the President and Secretary of the convention, and by them or either of them, presented to the House of Bishops, at their next meeting in General Convention.

On motion of the Hon. George Jones, it was unanimously,

Resolved, That the thanks of this convention, be tendered to the Rev. Mr. Cairns, for his eloquent discourse delivered at the opening of this convention, and that he be requested to furnish a copy of the same, to be deposited among the Records of the Diocese.

Resolved Further, That the thanks of this Convention be tendered to the same Reverend gentleman, for his services as Secretary of the same.

The minutes of this day’s proceedings, were then read and approved.

The convention having closed its business, adjourned, after prayer by the President.
ED. NEUFVILLE, President.
Wm. D. Cairns, Secretary.


The next Annual Convention of the Diocese of Georgia, will be held in St. Paul’s Church, Augusta, on the 15th April, being the second Monday after Easter Monday, 1839.