Journal — 1834

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Of the Twelfth Annual Convention
(the above line was hand-written by an unknown source)






















Agreeably to appointment by last Convention, the several Delegates attended this day, at 10 o’clock, A. M. at St. Paul’s Church, Augusta.

Morning prayer was conducted by the Rev. Theodore B. Bartow, Rector of Christ Church, St. Simons: the Convention Sermon having been preached yesterday, according to appointment, by the Rev. Seneca G. Bragg, Rector of Christ Church, Macon.

The Right Rev. Bishop Bowen took the Chair, and William P. Hunter acted as Secretary pro tem.

The following certificates of Lay-delegation were presented, examined and approved.


Dr. James Bond Read, \
Hon. George Jones, > From Christ Church, Savannah.
Dunbar Morel, /
Edward F. Campbell, \
Dr. Lewis D. Ford, > From St. Paul’s Church, Augusta.
Moses Roff, /
William P. Hunter, \
Dr. Ambrose Baber > From Christ Church, Macon.
James Rea, /
From Christ Church, St. Simons, no Lay-delegates were appointed.
The following members appeared and took their seats:


Rev. Edward Neufville, Rector of Christ Church, Savannah.
Rev. Edward E. Ford, Rector of St. Paul’s Church, Augusta.
Rev. Seneca G. Bragg, Rector of Christ Church, Macon.
Rev. Theodore B. Bartow, Rector of Christ Church, St. Simons.


Dr. J. B. Read, \ From Christ Church, Savannah.
Dunbar Morel, /
Edward F. Campbell, \ From St. Paul’s Church, Augusta.
Dr. Lewis D. Ford, /
William P. Hunter, from Christ Church, Macon.

The Convention proceeded to the election of a Secretary and a Treasurer—whereupon William P. Hunter was unanimously elected Secretary, and Dr. J. B. Read unanimously elected Treasurer.

The following parochial Reports were then read, and ordered to be entered.



Baptisms, (infants 20—adult 1) – – – 21
Marriages, – – – – – – 9
Burials, – – – – – – 24
Communicants, – – – – – 152

Connected with the Sunday school, there are a Superintendent, 6 male and 17 female teachers, having in charge 45 male, and 61 female pupils.

In making his seventh annual Report to the Convention, the Rector of this Church is happy in being enabled to state, that its condition and prospects are no less encouraging than they have been heretofore represented to be. To himself, as well as to a large portion of his Congregation, however, the past year has been marked by grievous afflictive dispensations of Divine Providence, and the number of additions to the communion nearly counterbalanced by that of removals by death; in consequence of which, the aggregate presents but a small increase over the last Report.

In addition to $411 contributed with a view to the erection of a Sunday school building, $600 have been collected for Missionary and other charitable purposes.

Arrangements have been made for holding monthly Missionary meetings, conformably to the recommendation of the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society.

A Prayer Book Society and a Tract Society have been organized, to aid in disseminating the principles of “the Gospel in the Church,” as they are “re-


ceived and held and most surely believed among us.”

The system of instruction pursued in the Sunday School, is that of the Protestant Episcopal Sunday School Union. The Library connected with it has been increased, and will continue to receive further additions by means of the interest accruing from an invested fund expressly devoted to that object.



Baptisms—1 adult, 12 infants and children, one of them a colored child—total 13.
Communicants—added 6, two of whom were by certificate from other Episcopal Congregations—removed—2.
Present number—73.
Burials—9: two of these not of the Congregation.
Sunday School—There has been a considerable accession of children since the last report. The number generally in actual attendance is from 50 to 60.


The Rector of Christ Church, Macon, reports, that, through the Divine blessing, the people of his charge have been inclined and enabled, to accomplish several important objects within the past year.

For the measure of success which has crowned their exertions, they have reason to feel deeply indebted to the Christian liberality of their brethren and friends in this and the adjoining Diocese. Aided by the Resolution unanimously adopted by our last Con-


vention, commending their cause to general notice, and the fostering care of the Right Rev. Bishop Bowen, they have erected a neat, appropriate, and substantial Church edifice. It was opened for public worship, on Sexagesima Sunday: and has been regularly occupied during a period of more than two months. Although a considerable debt remains charged upon the building and lot, there is an encouraging prospect of extinguishing it, at no very distant day. The pews were all rented for the present year, on the day they were first offered for that purpose.

The families attending Christ Church having themselves experienced the benefit of Missionary assistance, from Societies in two of the Congregations in this Diocese, cheerfully consented that their Pastor should spend some portion of his time in Missionary labor, within the Territory of Florida. Accordingly he devoted nearly the whole of August and September last, to an object peculiarly interesting to him, from the fact of his former connexion with the Missionary station at Tallahassee: and he has now the gratification of adding that the Executive Committee of the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of our Church have succeeded in obtaining the services of a clergyman for that station.

The whole number of families included in the congregation of Christ Church is twenty. Several young men also have taken pews in the Church.

Four children have been baptised.

There are twelve communicants, two having removed from the parish, and six having been added.
Seven funerals have been attended, only one death,


however, has occurred among the families of our congregation.

A Sunday School has been recently organized, and a Society formed with a view to aid its operations. The School contains twenty two Scholars, under the charge of a Superintendent, two male and three female Teachers. The books in use are those published by the Protestant Episcopal Sunday-School Union.

While we acknowledge with gratitude the many favors dispensed by the gracious Head of the Church, both to the Rector and the people of his care, we cannot refrain from soliciting, once more, the prayerful remembrance of the friends of our beloved Zion.


Communicants—(died 1, added 2) total 12.
Resolved, That the thanks of this Convention be returned to the Rev. Mr. Bragg, for his Sermon delivered yesterday, and that a committee be appointed by the Chair, to request a copy of the same for publication, with the Journal of this Convention.

Whereupon, Dr. Lewis D. Ford, and Edward F. Campbell, were appointed that committee: who by way of Report, submitted the following reply of the Rev. Mr. Bragg to their application.

To Dr. L. D. Ford, and Edward F. Campbell, Committee, &c.:
Gentlemen—While I feel grateful to the Convention for the kindness expressed in their Resolution,


which you have announced to me, requesting for publication a copy of the Convention Sermon preached yesterday, I must respectfully decline a compliance with that request, on the ground of the inexpediency of the custom of returning thanks for the annual Sermons, and requesting their publication.

Your obliged servant, S.G. BRAGG.

Whereupon Resolved, That the objection of the Rev. Mr. Bragg, in regard to publication, is forcible and just: and that, for the reason he assigns, no future Convention Sermon be requested for publication.
The Standing Committee of the Diocese communicated the following information—which, on motion, was ordered to be entered on the Journal.


Since the last annual Convention, the Rev. Seneca G. Bragg has been canonically transferred to this Diocese, from that of Virginia. Mr. John J. Hunt has been admitted a candidate for holy orders. Mr. George White, late a preacher in the Methodist denomination, has been furnished with the requisite testimonials for Deacon’s orders, which he received from the Right Rev. Bishop Bowen, of South Carolina, in December last.

Notice has been received from the Right Rev. C. P. McIlvaine, that Richard Graham, till recently a candidate for orders in the Diocese of Ohio, has applied for orders, and been rejected, and has consequently ceased to be a candidate in Ohio.

There are now two candidates for orders in this Diocese.


A communication received from the Secretary of the Convention of the Diocese of Tennessee, concerning the election of the Rev. Dr. Otey, as Bishop of that Diocese, having been considered unsatisfactory, a letter was addressed to the Secretary requesting further information: and as no answer was received from him, this Committee did not act upon the testimonial.

Edward F. Campbell, Sec’ry.

Dr. J. B. Read, the Treasurer of the Convention, reported—That since the meeting of the last Convention, he had paid the amount due to Mr. William T. Williams, for printing the Journal, the sum of $35. But he has not collected the assessment from either of the Congregations, the fund in hand being equal to the expenses. He therefore reports a balance in hand of $10.

14th April, 1834.

Resolved, That the respective Churches in the Diocese be relieved from the payment of $15 each, required by the 4th canon—for the year 1833.

Resolved, That a Committee of three Lay-members be appointed to report during this day, what measures may be expedient for the advancement of Christianity in Georgia.

Whereupon, William P. Hunter, Edward F. Campbell, and Dr. Lewis D. Ford, were appointed that Committee.

Resolved, That a Committee be appointed to revise the Constitution and Canons of the Church in the Diocese of Georgia, and the Constitution of the


Protestant Episcopal Society for the general advancement of Christianity in Georgia.

Whereupon the Rev. Edward Neufville, and the Rev. Edward E. Ford, were appointed that Committee.
Resolved, That in consideration of the important benefits which may be expected to result to the general interests of the Church, in the upper part of this Diocese, the next annual Convention be held in Christ Church, Macon, on the second Monday after Easter Monday.

Resolved, That the Rev. Edward Neufville be and is hereby appointed to preach the next Convention Sermon.

Resolved, That the resolution adopted in the Convention of 1832, providing that thereafter “the Lay-members of the Standing Committee be appointed in the same city or town or part of the Diocese, and that the selection be made from the residents of that place where the following Convention is to be held,” be rescinded.

The Convention then proceeded to the election of a Standing Committee: when the following persons were elected.

Rev. Edward Neufville, \
Rev. Edward E. Ford, > Of the Clergy.
Rev. Theodore B. Bartow, /
Edward F. Campbell, \
Gerard McLaughlin, > Of the Laity.
Dr. Lewis D. Ford, /

The following persons were then elected Delegates to the next General Convention.


Rev. Edward Neufville, \
Rev. Edward E. Ford, \ Of the Clergy.
Rev. Seneca G. Bragg, /
Rev. Theodore B. Bartow, /
Edward F. Campbell, \
Hon. George Jones, \ Of the Laity.
Dr. J. B. Read, /
J. G. Seymour. /

Resolved, That the Delegates appointed, at this Convention, to attend the next regular General Convention, be also considered the Delegates to any special Convention which may be called in the interval; and also that the delegates above appointed, who may attend at either of such general Conventions, be authorized to fill up vacancies in the delegation.

Resolved, That 300 copies of the Journal of this Convention be published—and that the Rev. Edward E. Ford and Dr. Lewis D. Ford be a committee to superintend the publication of the same.

The Convention then adjourned until 6 o’clock, P. M.

Five o’clock, P. M.—The Convention met, as the Protestant Episcopal Society for the advancement of Christianity in Georgia.

The account of Dr. J. B. Read, Treasurer of the Society, was submitted, shewing a balance in his hands of $35 90—which was refered to a Committee, consisting of the Rev. Edward Neufville and Edward R. Campbell, who reported that they had examined said account and found the above balance correct.

The Society then adjourned.


Six o’clock, P.M.—The Convention met agreeably to adjournment. Present, as in the morning.
The following Report was submitted,–

The Committee to whom it was referred to report what may be expedient for the advancement of Christianity in Georgia, beg leave to report—That they are penetrated with a becoming sense of gratitude to the Almighty Head of the Church for the success with which He has been graciously pleased to crown the recent missionary efforts of the friends of the Church, within this Diocese. They consider the promptness and efficiency with which the appeal from some of the waste places of our Zion, has been responded to by the members of our communion, as affording an encouraging evidence of the existence of a spirit among them to go forward in the further prosecution of this good work; a spirit of which, were this convention not to avail themselves, they could scarcely escape the reproach of indifference to the interests of the Church, and would be doing injustice to the generous zeal of the “little flock” for whose spiritual interests they have now met to consult. While such is, as they believe, the excellent feeling existing, in relation to this subject, and which has only to be appealed to in order to be called into efficient action, they are equally persuaded that there are not wanting, in several portions of this state, individuals already, by early association, prepossessed in favor of the Church, in sufficient numbers to authorize the most sanguine hopes of success in any missionary operations which may be instituted among them: and even in places where such ma-


terials are entirely wanting, they are not disposed to distrust the claims of our Church when faithfully and ably presented. The field, then, they consider as open, and the spirit existing, whenever appealed to, to furnish the means, to any reasonable amount, of sending forth the laborers. With these views, and throwing themselves, with unreserved confidence, upon the friends of our beloved Church, within the Diocese, and especially, with a humble yet confident trust in the blessing of the Gracious Head of the Church, they propose to this Convention the adoption of the following Resolutions:–

Resolved, That the Protestant Episcopal Church of Georgia, under the blessing of divine Providence, will use increased efforts for the extension of the Gospel.

Resolved, That the Ministers and Lay Delegates of the several parishes represented in this Convention, do hereby pledge and oblige themselves to raise for Missionary purposes, for the current year, within the Diocese, the sum of one Thousand Dollars, in the following proportions, to wit: Savannah $500, Augusta $300, Macon $100, St. Simons $100; the said amount to be paid into hands of the Treasurer of the Prot. Ep. Society for the advancement of Christianity in Georgia.
Resolved, That the ecclesiastical authority of the Diocese be, and are hereby authorized and required forthwith to engage the services of two or more clergymen, and to station them at those places within the Diocese, where in their judgment, their services can be most usefully employed, reserving the right of


making such changes in the locations as may, from time to time, be deemed adviseable.
Resolved, That as soon as, by the organization of the two additional congregations above contemplated, this Diocese shall become entitled under the canon, to a Bishop, it is hereby recommended to, and required of, the Episcopal authority, to take the proper measures, forthwith, for the election of a Bishop for this Diocese.

Whereas this Diocese, through the courtesy and benevolence of the estimable and enlightened Prelate now among us, has been from time to time favored with his services as Bishop, agreeably to the provisions of the 7th Canon of the General Convention of the Church; therefore Resolved, That in our efforts to secure the services of a Bishop in our Diocese, we are not unmindful of the benefits which have resulted from the provisional administration of the present Bishop; and that we hope ever to retain and cherish a becoming sense of gratitude for the privileges thus enjoyed.
EDWARD F. CAMPBELL, > Committee.

Whereupon the foregoing Preamble and Resolutions were considered separately, and adopted.
The committee then adjourned to meet again at 10 o’clock in the evening.

Monday evening, 10 o’clock.

The Committee [typist’s note: ‘Committee’ is marked through in ink; word ‘Convention’ is handwritten in above] Convention met again, at the house of the Rev. Mr. Ford, after divine service. Present as before, with the exception of Edward F. Campbell.


The Committee appointed to revise the Constitution and Canons of the Protestant Episcopal Church in this Diocese, and also the Constitution of the Society for the general advancement of Christianity in Georgia, reported—

Whereupon, Resolved, That the Report of said Committee be accepted, so far as it relates to the constitution and canons of the Diocese of Georgia.

The Report being then taken up, so far as it relates to the Constitution of the Society for the advancement of Christianity, it was also, on motion, accepted.

Resolved, That the Report of said committee, so agreed to, be appended to the Journal of the Convention.

After Prayer by the Right Rev. Bishop, the Convention adjourned.

N. BOWEN, President.
W. P. Hunter, Sec’y.







As it was revised, amended and unanimously adopted, by a Convention of the said Church, holden in the City of Augusta, on the 14th day of April, 1834: Provided, however, that nothing herein contained shall be so construed as to contravene any part of the Constitution or Canons of the Protestant Episcopal Church, in the United States of America.


The several congregations of the Protestant Episcopal Church in this State, now represented in this Convention, shall be considered as one Church or Diocese, to be known and designated by the name of “the Protestant Episcopal Church in the State of Georgia,” with a view to an union with the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America.

Any congregation of said Church in this State, not now represented in this Convention, by making application to the Convention for admission, shall, on acceding to this Constitution, be received into union with this Church or Diocese.

A Convention of this Church shall be held on the 2nd Monday after Easter Monday of each year, at such place as the previous Convention may appoint: Provided, however, That no Convention shall be opened for the transaction of business, unless there be


present at least two Clergymen, and Delegates from two congregations. And in case no Convention be formed, the standing officers of the last Convention shall hold their respective offices until successors shall be appointed.

All Clergymen of the Protestant Episcopal Church, of regular standing, residing and statedly officiating in this State, shall be considered (ex officio) members of the Convention. Each congregation, in union with this Church, shall be entitled to a representation by one Lay-delegate or more, at discretion, not exceeding three, to be appointed by the Church Wardens and Vestry of the congregation to which such Delegate or Delegates may respectively belong.

Every Convention shall be opened with Divine Service, and a Sermon delivered on the Sunday previous by a preacher appointed at the preceding Convention.

The Convention shall deliberate and act as one body, unless when any member shall call for a division on any question; in which case each clerical member shall be entitled to one vote, and the Lay-delegates of each congregation jointly, to one vote: and a majority of both orders shall be necessary to a division.

At every meeting of the Convention, in the absence of a Bishop, the senior resident Presbyter of the Diocese, shall be ex officio, President of the Convention.


At each annual meeting of the Convention, a Secretary, who shall also perform the duties of Treasurer, shall be chosen from among the members thereof, to hold his office until the next annual Convention.

A standing committee shall be chosen at each annual meeting of the Convention, to consist of three Clerical and three Lay-members; of the time and place of whose meetings due notice in writing shall be given to all the members thereof, at least one week before the time of such meeting. At a meeting thus notified, any four members (provided one be a clergyman) shall form a quorum.
The standing committee shall meet as soon as practicable after their election, and choose a President and Secretary from among their own number: and it shall be the duty of the President to call a meeting of the committee whenever he shall deem it necessary, or whenever he shall be required so to do by any three or four members of the committee.

The standing committee shall have power to call special Conventions of this Church, whenever peculiar circumstances may render it necessary: Provided, at least four weeks notice of the time and place of holding such Convention shall be given in writing to all the clergymen, and all the congregations connected with this Church.

The general powers and duties of the Committee shall be such as are designated by the general Constitution and Canons of the Church.

The Convention shall, in all cases, elect its officers


by ballot; each clergyman to be entitled to one vote, and each congregation to one vote to be expressed by its delegation.

After the close of this Convention, no alteration of this Constitution shall be made, but by an annual meeting of the Convention: and then, only with the concurrence of at least two thirds of the members present.




Whenever any number of persons in this State shall associate to form an Episcopal Church, and shall elect two Wardens, and any number of Vestry-men at discretion, not exceeding seven: and shall properly signify their association for this purpose to the officers of the Standing Committee, or to the Bishop, if there be one, they shall be recognized as a congregation duly organized, of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the State of Georgia: and it is hereby recommended to all congregations that may be thus organized, to obtain, as early as possible, a legislative act of incorporation.

Whenever a special Convention of this Church shall be called, it shall be the duty of the President


of the standing committee in giving notice of the meeting, to specify the business for which such Convention is called.

Each Church duly represented to this Convention shall pay, or cause to be paid, into the hands of the Treasurer of the Convention, the sum of fifteen dollars annually, for defraying the incidental expenses of the Convention.

In case any clergyman of this Diocese shall be accused of error in doctrine, immorality of life, or neglect or transgression of any of the Canons of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States, or of this Diocese, it shall be the duty of any two or more clergymen, or of the Wardens and Vestry of the Church of which he is Rector, or to which he may belong, who shall have knowledge or belief of such misdemeanor, to represent the same to the Bishop, or in case there be no Bishop, to the standing committee of the Diocese. In the event of such representation, it shall be the duty of the Bishop, or, if there be no Bishop, of the standing committee, if he or they shall deem the charge or charges worthy of investigation, forthwith to notify the accused of such charge or charges, together with the time and place appointed for his trial.

The mode of trial shall be as follows:–The Bishop or the standing committee, as the case may be, shall appoint a number of Presbyters, not less than five, of whom the person accused may select a majority by whom to be tried.—The result of the trial shall


be made known to the Bishop, or, in case there be no Bishop, to the standing committee, who shall pronounce and execute, or cause to be pronounced and executed, such sentence as may be awarded, should the same, by him or them, be deemed just and proper.

Should the sentence be suspension or degradation from the ministry, the Bishop, or provisional Bishop, or should there be none, some neighboring Bishop, shall be requested to pronounce the same.

Should it be impossible to obtain from this Diocese the requisite number of Presbyters to constitute a board of trial, the deficiency may be supplied from a neighboring Diocese.

Should any clergyman, accused and cited for trial according to the above provisions of this Canon, neglect or refuse to obey the citation, such neglect or refusal shall be considered as an acknowledgment of the truth of the charges preferred against him, and sentence shall be pronounced accordingly.


Form of a Certificate of appointment as a Delegate to the State Convention.

This certifies that at a meeting of the Rector, Wardens and Vestry (or Wardens and Vestry, if no Rector were present) of _______ held on _______ day of _______, the following person (or persons, as the case may be) viz: K.L.; M.N.; and O.P. were duly elected to represent this Church in the next Convention of this State, to be held in _______ on _______ day of _______ 18____.

The above certificate shall be signed by the Rector, if present, and by at least one Warden and two members of the Vestry.


The Style or Title of Churches.
The proper style for a duly incorporated congregation is “The Rector, Church Wardens and Vestry (or else the Church Wardens and Vestry) of _______ Church, in _______. The first blank being left for the name of the Church, the other for that of the place.






General advancement of Christianity in the State of Georgia.


This Society shall be denominated “The Protestant Episcopal Society for the general advancement of
Christianity in the State of Georgia.”

The objects of the Society shall be the extension of the ordinances of the Church, and the distribution of Prayer Books and Religious Tracts to those portions of the State where they may not otherwise be had, and the assistance of such Churches as may be unable, without such aid, to support the ministry.

The Society shall be composed of such members of the Convention for the time being, and other persons, as shall have complied with the terms of membership.
The payment of three dollars annually shall entitle to membership: or the payment of ten dollars, at any one time shall constitute a person a member for life.

The standing committee of the Protestant Episcopal Church in this State, for the time being, shall constitute a board of trust for this Society. The President and Secretary of that committee shall be respectively the President and Secretary of this So-


ciety: and the Treasurer of the Convention shall be its Treasurer.

There shall be an annual meeting of this Society at the place appointed for the Annual Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in this State, at five o’clock, P. M., or at such other hour as may be more convenient, on the first day of the meeting of the Convention—due notice of which shall be given to all the members.

The Society shall annually present to the Convention an account of its proceedings.

The Constitution of this Society shall not be altered but by a proposition made at one, and acceded to at the ensuing annual meeting, two thirds of the members present concurring.


N.B. Communications to the Society during the present year must be addressed either to the Rev. Edward Neufville, Savannah, President of the Society, or to Edward F. Campbell, Esq. Augusta, the Secretary. Donations or subscriptions to the Society may be forwarded to either of these gentlemen, or to Dr. J. B. Read, Savannah, the Treasurer of the Society.