Bishop’s Diary of 1907-1908


MAY, 1907.
1st. Celebrated the Holy Communion in the Cathedral, Atlanta. Later attended reception.
2nd. Opened and presided over the Council of Colored Churchmen in the Church of the Good Shepherd, Thomasville, Ga.
3rd. Admitted as Deaconess Anna E. B. Alexander, a devout, godly and respected colored woman, to serve as teacher and helper in the Mission of the Good Shepherd, Pennick, Ga. Celebrated the Holy Communion, there being present eight Priests and three Deacons. The Acts of this Council are printed and have been circulated.
5th. In Trinity Church, Columbus, confirmed eleven (11) and preached. At same time and place confirmed six (6) persons from the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Columbus. The candidates being presented respectively by the Rev. H. Baldwin Dean, locum tenens of Trinity Church, and the Rev. O. R. Bourne, Vicar of St. Mary the Virgin. Celebrated the Holy Communion.
At night confirmed three (3) in St. Andrew’s, Fort Valley, and preached.
6th-8th. In office.
9th. Preached and celebrated the Holy Communion in the Cathedral.
In the afternoon met with and addressed the St. Barnabas’ Guild for Nurses.
10th-11th. In office preparing matter for the approaching Diocesan Convention.
12th. Said Morning Prayer in the Cathedral.
13th. Reviewed Convention Reports.
Left for Savannah at night.
14th. Presided over the Board of Missions. Presided at the meeting of the Woman’s Auxiliary and made an address.
In the evening deposed, by his own request, the Rev. Edward B. Johnson, in the presence of the Rev. Chas. T. A. Pise, D. D., Z. S. Farland and others of the Clergy.
Held a Concio ad Clerum and made an address.
15th. Opened the Eighty-fifth Annual Convention of the Diocese of Georgia with the Holy Communion and an address. Presided at meetings of the Finance Committee and the Corporation, and at afternoon and evening sessions of the Convention.
16th. Presided at three sessions of the Convention.
17th. In the morning presided over and adjourned the Convention.
18th. In St. John’s Church, Savannah, ordained Deacon Mr. John L. Villalonga, preached and celebrated the Holy Communion.
19th. Celebrated the Holy Communion in the Cathedral and preached.
At night preached at Evening Prayer in the first service in the nave of the new St. Luke’s Church, Atlanta.
2oth-23rd. In office. Had one service.
24th. Attended a meeting of the Georgia Educational Conference, making an address at night.
25th. In office.
26th. Celebrated the Holy Communion in the Cathedral; attended Evening Prayer in All Saints’ Church.
27th-28th. In office.
29th. At St. Mary’s School, Raleigh, N. C., made an address at the formal opening of the Pittman Memorial Auditorium, on the Christian Education of Women.
30th. Assisted the Bishop of North Carolina and others in the Consecration of the Chapel of St. Mary’s School, Raleigh. 31st. In office.

2nd. In St. George’s Church, Griffin, confirmed one (1), preached and celebrated the Holy Communion.
In the afternoon delivered a lecture on the Book of Common Prayer at Evening Prayer.
3rd-8th. In office. One service.
9th. Delayed in arrival for the morning service, I preached at Evening Prayer at St. Mark’s Church, Brunswick.
10th. In Christ Church, Frederica, baptized two (2) adults, confirmed seven (7) and preached.
At night preached in St. Ignatius’ Church and confirmed one (I.)
11th. Examined books and accounts of the Rev. J. C. Dennis, Warden of St. Anthanasius’ School, Brunswick.
12th-15th. In office.
16th. In the Cathedral, Atlanta, ordained Rev. Henry Disbro Phillips to the priesthood and celebrated the Holy Communion. The Bishop of Cuba preached. Baptized Henry I. D. Clayton, age 9 years.
At night preached in the Cathedral on the subject of the Missionary Thank Offering to a general Congregation, the Bishop of Cuba and all the local Clergy, but one, being present.
17th. In office.
18th-19th. Assisted at burials from St. Luke’s Church.
10th. At the Georgia Technological Institute unveiled a portrait of Richard Peters, Esq., and made an address.
21St. Sewanee, Tenn.
2nd. And the following days, presided as Acting Chancellor
over the Board of Trustees of the University of the South. 23rd. Celebrated the Holy Communion in St. Augustine’s Chapel.
At night preached in the Otey Memorial Church.
24th-26th. Presided over the Board of Trustees.
27th. Presided at the Commencement Exercises and Delivered the Honorary Degrees.
In the evening at a meeting of the Executive Committee. 28th. At a meeting of the Executive Committee in the morning. 29th. In office.
30th. Said one service in the Cathedral and attended Service at All Saints’ Church, Atlanta.

Ist-3rd. In office.
4th. Corporate Communion of the local Clergy.
5th-6th. In office. One service.
7th. Preached at St. Timothy’s, Kirkwood, and celebrated the Holy Communion.
In the evening confirmed three (3) in St. Paul’s Church, Atlanta.
8th. In office.
9th. Officiated at the burial from her home in Columbus, Ga., of Miss Ella Russell.
l0th. In office.
11th. Confirmed in private Mrs. Alvira Field, sixty (6o) years of age.
12th-13th. In office. One service.
14th. Said Morning Prayer and preached in the Church of the Epiphany, Inman Park. Said Evening Prayer in the Cathedral.
15th-20th. In office. Two services.
21st. Said Morning Prayer, preached and celebrated the Holy Communion in St. James’ Chapel, Tallulah Falls. Said Evening Prayer and made an address.
22nd. Examined the Rev. H. W. Ticknor for Priest’s Orders. 23rd-27th. In office. One Service.
28th. Preached and celebrated the Holy Communion in Calvary Church, Mount Airy. At night said Evening Prayer and preached in St. Matthias’ Church, Toccoa.
29th. Had a meeting in the interest of Calvary Church, Mount Airy.
30th-31st. In office.

1st. Said Morning Prayer in the Cathedral. Rest of day in office.
2nd-3rd. In office. One Service.
4th. Said Morning Prayer, preached and celebrated the Holy Communion in St. John’s Church, College Park; my first Service in this new Church.
Said Evening Prayer in the Cathedral.
6th. Celebrated the Holy Communion in the Cathedral.
5th-10th. In office.
11th. Said Morning Prayer, preached and celebrated the Holy Communion in St. James’ Church, Marietta.
12th-17th. In office. One Service.
18th. Celebrated the Holy Communion in the Cathedral. 19th-20th. Part of each day in office.
Left for a summer vacation.
23rd-25th. In Boston, Mass.
26th-31st. Seaside Inn, Seal Harbor, Maine.

1st. Attended Service at St. Mary’s by the Sea, Northeast Harbor. Bishop of Albany preacher and celebrant.
2nd-4th. Seal Harbor.
5th-7th. Portland, Maine.
8th. Attended Service at St. Luke’s Cathedral, Portland, Maine, the Dean preaching and celebrating.
9th-11th. Portland. Evening to Boston and New York.
12th.-13th. In New York.
14th. South Bethlehem, Pa.
15th. Preached and celebrated the Holy Communion in the Pro-Cathedral of the Nativity.
17th-25th. Near La Plata, Charles County, Maryland. 26th-3oth. Washington, D. C.
29th. Attended the Holy Communion at St. Margaret’s Church, assisted in the Laying of the Foundation Stone of the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, Washington, D. C. The Bishop of London and President Roosevelt were among those who made addresses.

1st-19th. In attendance at General Convention, Richmond, Va.
2nd. Assisted in the Service of the Holy Communion.
5th. Trip to Williamsburg and assisted in the Services, mvrn•ing and afternoon.
6th. Attended Service at Holy Trinity Church.
9th. Assisted in the celebration of the Holy Communion and the presentation of the Men’s Thank Offering at 8 a. m. Attended meeting in the Auditorium at night.
12th. Trip to Jamestown Island.
Made one of three addresses, the first being deliverel by the Bishop of Massachusetts and the third by the Rev. Dr. McKim.
13th. Attended Service at St. Mark’s Church, Bishop Woodcock, preacher.
In the afternoon visited the Bishop Payne Divinity School, Petersburg, Virginia, and made an address.
78th. Attended a meeting in the Richmond Hotel presided over by the Bishop of North Carolina in the interest of St. Mary’s School, Raleigh.
19th. Left Richmond 4:00 p. m.
Received letters dimissory in favor of the Rev. H. Baldwin Dean from North Carolina.
20th. Said Morning Prayer and preached in Trinity Church, Fredericksburg, Va.
Spent the night in Washington.
22nd. Reached home at 6:oo a. m.
23rd-26th. In office.
27th. Made an address in the Cathedral on the subject of the General Convention of 1907. Read the Lessons at Evening Prayer. 28th-29th. In office.
30th. Presided over meetings of the Cathedral Chapter in the morning and the Corporaticn in the afternoon.
31st. Corporate Communion with the local Clergy.

1st. Preached and celebrated the Holy Communion in the Cathedral. Prepared letter calling the Convention of the Northern Diocese to session for organization, and announced my election to administer said Diocese.
2nd. In office.
3rd. Instituted the Rev. S. Alston Wragg as the Rector of Trinity Church, Columbus, and preached.
Immediately thereafter celebrated the Holy Communion in the Church of St. Mary the Virgin.
At night said Evening Prayer and preached in St. Mary the Virgin.
4th-5th. Part of each day in office.
6th. Sent out call of the Primary Convention of the New Diocese and notification to all the Clergy of the undivided Diocese of my choice of the New Diocese.
Presided at a meeting of the Board of Missions.
7th. Met the local members of the Cathedral Chapter.
8th. Said the Litany. Prepared schedules for the Missionary Clergy. Received letters dimissory in favor of the Rev. G. A. Cornell, Rector-elect of St. Thomas’ Church, Thomasville.
10th. Celebrated the Holy Communion and preached in the Cathedral. Attended service at All Saints’ Church in the afternoon.
11th. In office.
12th. Examined Mr. H. L. Durrant for Deacon’s Orders. r3th-15th. In office.
17th. Instituted the Rev. G. A. Cornell into the Rectorship of St. Thomas’ Church, Thomasville, and preached, and immediately thereafter in the Church

of the Good Shepherd ordained John Samuel Simmons as Priest and celebrated the Holy Communion.
18th-19th. In office.
20th. Met with the Finance Committee and with the Corporation of the Diocese.
21st-23rd. In office. One Service.
24th. Preached in Christ Church, Savannah, and dedicated Tablets to the memory of George Whitfield and John Wesley, Priests of the Church of

At night in the Union Chapel, Belfast, baptized an infant. Sidney Gignon Smith; confirmed three and preached.
25th. Baptized Elizabeth Foster Beggs, infant, in private alt Belfast. At night said Evening Prayer, preached and confirmed three (3) in St. James’

Church, Pooler.
26th-27th. In office.
28th. Thanksgiving Day. Said Morning Prayer in the Cathedral.
29th. Corporate Communion with the local Clergy. Met a number of gentlemen at lunch at the Executive Mansion. 30th. Conference with the

Cathedral Chapter.
At night solemnized the marriage of Roy Powers and Alice Steel in St. Luke’s Church, Atlanta.

6th. Visit to Vienna. Confirmed one (t) in private; preached at Evening Prayer.
Cordele at night; said Evening Prayer, preached and confirmed four (4)
7th. Said Evening Prayer and preached at Tifton in the afternoon.
8th. In St. Matthew’s, Fitzgerald, confirmed two (2), preached; ordained Deacon Mr. Sylvester Stephen Powell, Rev. J. W. Turner presenting the

Candidate and Archdeacon Cassil assisting in the Service.
At night preached and confirmed three (3) in the Methodist Church, Abbeville.
13th. Spent the day transatcing church business in Brunswicl:.
15th. In the Church of the Messiah, St. Mary’s, preached, confirmed six (6) and celebrated the Holy Communion.
At night, in the Church of Our Saviour for colored people, preached and confirmed five (5.)
16th. Preached and celebrated the Holy Communion in St. Mark’s Church, Woodbine.
At night confirmed two (2) and preached in the Union Chapel, Ceylon, Lower Mills.
17th. On the road to and from Tarboro.
In the afternoon said Evening Prayer, preached and confirmed one (1)
Returned by way of Jacksonville, arriving home the morning of the 18th.
22nd. Spent the afternoon and night at Sandersville. In the evening pieached and confirmed five (5) in Grace Church.

4th. Spent the clay with the Finance Committee of the Standing Committee of the Diocese of Georgia, transferring papers and checking off accounts.
17th Packed papers, books and documents belonging to the Diocese of Georgia.
22nd. Shipped the same by express to Edward S. Elliott, Esq., Secretary of the Corporation, Christ Church, Savannah, Ga.
25th. Afternoon. Checked accounts and books of the Warden of St. Anthanasius’ School.
26th. In St. Mark’s Church, Brunswick, instituted Rev. Richard Elliott Boykin into the Rectorship, confirmed eighteen (18) people and preached.
At night said Evening Prayer, preached and confirmed fifteen (15) in St. Anthanasius’ Church.
27th. At St. James’ Church, St. Simon’s Mills, confirmed four (4) and preached.

Consent to Consecration.
August 15th, 1907, the Rev. William Alexander Guerry, D. D., as the Bishop Coadjutor of the Diocese of South Carolina.

May 18th, 1907, John Ladislau Villalonga, Deacon, St. John’s Church, Savannah.
June 16th, 1907, Henry Disbro Phillips, Priest, Cathedral, Atlanta.
November 17th, 1907, John Samuel Simmons, Priest, Church of the Good Shepherd, Thomasville.
December 8th, 1907, Sylvester Stephen Powell, Deacon, St. Matthew’s Church, Fitzgerald.

Letters Dimissory Received.
May 11th, 1907, Rev. E. L. Henderson, Priest, from the Diocese of Connecticut.
June 4th, 1907, Rev. Samuel D. Day, Priest, from the Diocese of Central New York.
October 19th, 1907, the Rev. H. Baldwin Dean, from the Diocese of North Carolina.
November 8th, 1907, Rev. Gerald A. Cornell, Priest, from the Diocese of Fond du Lac.

Letters Dimissory Given and Acknowledged.
May 18th, 1907, Rev. Henry B. Jefferson, Springfield.
November 11th, 1907, Rev. Wm. Jas. Moody, Priest, Florida.
November 16th, 1907, Rev. W. B. Walker, Priest, Chicago.
November 30th, 1907, Rev. C. G. Bradley, Priest, Western Michigan.

Letters Dimissory were also Given.
October 24th, 1907, Rev. A. G. Coombs, Diocese of Tennessee, but these have not been acknowledged.

Clerical Changes,
Rev. S. Alston Wragg from the Church of the Good Shepherd, Augusta, to Trinity Church, Columbus.
Rev. J. J. Lanier from St. Stephen’s, Milledgeville, to the Church of the Mediator, Washington.
Rev. O. R. Bourne resigned the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Columbus.
Rev. R. H. Butler resigned St. Barnabas’, Marietta.
Rev. E. L. Henderson removed from Macon to Atlanta.
Rev. G. A. Ottmann resigned St. Paul’s Church, Savannah.
Rev. J. J. P. Perry resigned Church of the Incarnation, Atlanta.
Rev. H. B. Thomas removed from Cartersville to the Rectorship of Cedartown.
Rev. J. L. Villalonga removed from Savannah to Cartersville.
Rev. C. B. Pritchett, officiating by license, removed from St. Mary’s, Augusta, to St. John’s Church, Albany.

May 1411, 1907, Rev. Edward E. Johnson, Presbyter.

Notice of Depositions Received.
May 9th, 1907, Jere Knode Cooke, Presbyter, Diocese of Long Island.
May 9th, 1907, Wesley Hamilton Benham, Presbyter, Diocese of New York.
May 23rd, 1907, Charles Ferguson, Presbyter, Diocese of Massachusetts.
June 7th, 1907, LaGrange Smith, Presbyter, Diocese of Olympia.
June 30th, 1907, William C. Barnes, Presbyter, Diocese of Louisiana.
June 30th, 1907, A. W. Pierce, Presbyter, Diocese of Louisiana.
July 8th, 1907, Delbert F. Thompson, Presbyter, Diocese of Minnesota.
July 12th, 1907, Sylvester R. McAlpine, Presbyter, Diocese of Tennessee.
July 16th, 1907, Emmanuel J. Paulet, Deacon, Diocese of apringfield.
September 20th, 1907, Wm. Creswell Mushet, Postulant; George H. Hewes, Postulant, John H. Pearman, Postulant, George D. Clever, Postulant,

Diocese of Los Angeles.
September 20th, 1907, Judson Walker Reynolds, Candidate, Diocese of Los Angeles.

Candidates for Holy Orders.
Harry L. Durrant, Savannah.
John Rutherford Byington, Atlanta.
John Durham Wing, Jr., Atlanta.
Samuel Melville Pitt, Macon.

Candidates for Priest’s Orders.
Rev. Henry W. Ticknor, Atlanta.
Rev. John L. Villalonga, Atlanta.
Rev. Sylvester S. Powell, Brunswick.

Postulants for Holy Orders.
G. C. A. Caldecott, Atlanta.
William L. Simmons, Marietta.
William Holzendorf, St. Mary’s.

Anna B. B. Alexander, Pennick.

Summary of Confirmations. 
Columbus, Trinity, 11; Columbus, St. Mary the Virgin, 6; Fort Valley, 3; Griffin, 1; Frederica, Christ, 7; St. Simon’s Mills, 1; Atlanta, St. Paul, 4; Atlanta, Cathedral, 1; Belfast, 3; Pooler, 3; Vienna, 1; Cordele, 4; Fitzgerald, 2; Abbeville, 3; Sandersville, 5; St. Mary’s, Messiah, 6; St. Mary’s, Our Saviour, 5; Ceylon, 2; Tarboro, 1; Brunswick, St. Mark, 18; Brunswick, St. Anthanasius, 15; St. Simon’s Mills, St. James, 4. Men, white, 24; women, white, 47; total, 71; men, colored, 14; women, colored, 11; total, 25; total, 96.

Summary of Official Acts in the Diocese of Georgia. 
May 1st, 1907, to December 1st, 1907. 
Official visits ………………………………………… 26
Confirmations…. ……………………………………… 10
From May 1st, 1907, to date of this report ………………. 19
Number confirmed (not including any in the Diocese of 
Atlanta since December 1st, 1907) ………………….. 96
Services.. …………………………………………….. 47
Sermons and addresses ………………………………… 65
Celebrations of the Holy Eucharist …………………….. 27
Ordinations before December 1st ………………………… 2
Ordinations after December 1st ………………………. 1
Institutions of Clergy before December 1st …………….. 3
Institutions of Clergy since December 1st ……………… 1
Lay readers licensed Diocese of Georgia, 1907-08…………. 46
Churches built, St. Mark, Macon, St. Paul, Savannah, St. Chris- 
topher, Columbus …………………………………. 3
Total Churches built or acquired 1892 to date ………….. 80
Calls made   ……………………………………………. 92
Received ………………………………………………… 469
Meetings …………………………………………….. 97
Miles  ………………………………………………….7,941
Baptisms ……………………………………………. 6
Marriages …………………………………………… 2
Burials……………………………………………………. 2