Journal — 1839

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Held in St. Paul’s Church, Augusta,

On the 15th and 16th April, 1839.





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Rev. Edward Neufville, Rector of Christ Church, Savannah.

Rev. Edward E. Ford, Rector of St. Paul’s Church, Augusta.

Rev. Theodore B. Bartow, Rector of Christ Church, St. Simons Island.

Rev. Seneca G. Bragg, Rector of Christ Church, Macon.

Rev. William D. Cairns, Rector of Trinity Church, Columbus.

Rev. John J. Hunt, Teacher of a Seminary in Washington.

Rev. George White, Teacher of a Seminary and Chaplain for Seaman, in Savannah.


List of Lay Delegates elected to this Convention.

            Dr. Theodosius Bartow,

            Hon. John M. Berrien,                       Christ Church, Savannah

            George Jones,


            Edward F. Campbell,

            Gerard McLaughlin,                St. Paul’s Church, Augusta

            Maj. Thomas M. Nelson,


            Dr. Ambrose Baber,

            John Phillips,                                   Christ Church, Macon

            Thomas Harrold,


            Col. John W. Campbell,

            Launcelot Gambrill,               Trinity Church, Columbus

            James W. Woodland,


            Richard Habersham, Jr.

            George R. Jessup,                    Grace Church, Clarksville



Rev. G. A. Adams, of Kentucky.

Rev. Alfred E. Ford, of New-Jersey.

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St. Paul’s Church, Augusta, Monday, April 15, 1839.

            This being the day and place for the 17th Annual Convention, of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Georgia.  Morning Prayer was read by the Rev. Edward Neufville and a Sermon preached by the Rev. William D. Cairns.  The Convention Sermon having been preached yesterday by the Rev. George White, and the Missionary Sermon by Rev. Ezra B. Kellogg.

            The following Clergyman entitled to seats in the Convention were found to be present.

                        Rev. Edward Neufville, President of the Convention.

                        “     Edward E. Ford,

                         “    Seneca G. Bragg,

                        “     William D. Cairns,

                        “     Ezra B. Kellogg,

                        “     George White.

            Upon an examination of the certificates of Lay Delegation, the following gentlemen were found to be present.

                        Hon. J.M. Berrien,               From Christ Church Savannah.

                        George Jones,


                        Edward F. Campbell,

                        Ger. McLaughlin,                From St. Pauls Church Augusta.

                        Maj. Thomas M. Nelson,

            Whereupon the Convention was declared to be duly organised and proceeded to business.

            The Rev. William D. Cairns was unanimously re-elected Secretary of the Convention.

            On motion it was Resolved, That Clergymen of the Protestant Episcopal Church present and not entitled to seats in this convention, be invited to attend its sittings.  The Rev. John J. Hunt of this Diocese, the Rev. G.A. Adams of Kentucky, and the Rev. Alfred E. Ford of New Jersey, took their seats.

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            The Rev. Messrs Ford and Cairns and Mr. E.F. Campbell was appointed a Committee to examine the credentials accompanying the application of Grace Church Clarksville, for admission into connexion with this Convention.  The Committee having reported favorably, said Church was accordingly admitted, and Mr. George R. Jessup, a Lay Delegate appeared and took his seat.

            The Rules of Order of the Convention of 1839 were unanimously adopted for the government of this Convention.

            The following Committees were then appointed by the Chair:

                        Rev. Edward E. Ford,                           On unfinished Business.

                         “    Seneca G. Bragg,


                        Rev. Gerard McLaughlin,                On Finance.

                         “     George Jones


                        Rev. Seneca G. Bragg,             On State of the Church.

                         “     Edward E. Ford,

            The Parochial Reports were then read and ordered to be printed as follows:


Rev. Edward Neufville, Rector.


            Baptisms, (adult 1, infants 19,)                                           20

            Marriages,                                                                                4

            Burials,                                                                         30

            Communicants,                                                             140

Sunday School—Superintendent, Librarian, and Teachers,                                 16

Pupils,                                                                                                              103

Average Attendance,                                                                                          70

            Amount Contributed for General Foreign

                        and Domestic Committees,                             $179  61

            Female Missionary Society, same object,                  80  00

            Diocesan Missions,                                                       455  00

            Contributed by Sunday School Teachers

                        and Pupils to same object,                                         53  00       

                                                                                                $767  61

            The work of rebuilding the Parish Church has so far progressed, as that the basement story (designed for a Sunday

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School room) was completed and ready for use on Easter-day, as a substitute for the building which had been temporarily fitted up and occupied as a place of worship during fourteen months previously.  In this manifestation of the Divine favor towards us, we have reason to rejoice; and are encouraged to hope that the edifice will be entirely finished and ready for consecration in the course of the present year.



Rev. Edward E. Ford, Rector.


            Baptisms, white, 1 adult, 9 children,                                                           10

                           colored,           3 children,                                                           3          13

            Marriages,                                                                                                           6

            Burials, (4 not of the congregation,)                                                                  7

            Communicants—7 added, 2 removed, 1 withdrawn, total,                             75

            Sunday School.—This is conducted by the Rector as superintendent, aided by two male and five female teachers; the children in attendance being generally about forty, although many more names are recorded.

            There has accrued from the weekly “Church Offerings, within the last conventional year, the sum of $265  50.  The monies thus raised are paid over by the Rector, at short intervals, to the Treasurer of the Missionary Committee, to be applied to Missions and the other benevolent operations of the Church, with which that body is charged.  The Rector, in compliance with the Resolution adopted by our last Convention in favor of the system of “Church Offerings,” has, from time to time, in the course of the past year, used his best endeavors to explain, recommend, and urge the Church Offerings upon the attention of his flock; and he has had the satisfaction to observe a growing conviction in their minds of the value of that system, as affording the best method for raising the pecuniary means which are required for sustaining the benevolent operations of the Church.

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This is by far the largest cum which has been raised in any one year for Missions, since his connexion with the Parish; at the same time he feels persuaded that from the peculiar mode in which it has been done, by small weekly contributions, it has been at much less inconvenience to the contributors.

            Besides what has been thus raised through the Church Offerings, the following collections have been made in the course of the last year:

            For the General Theological Seminary, under their

                        second appeal.                                                               $62  47

            To aid the Congregation at Clarksville in building

                        a  House of Worship.                                                            315  00

            To aid the Congregation of Wetumpka, Alabama,

                        in the same object, upon application through

                        their Minister, the Rev. Mr. Hays                               57  80

            Church Offerings as above                                                      265  50

                                                                                                             $700  77



Rev. Seneca G. Bragg, Rector

            Baptisms—adults 2, children (colored)  13,                                       15

            Communicants—added 6, died 2, removed 5, left the

                        Church 1, present number,                                                            40

            Marriages,                                                                                            10

            Funerals—adults, (4 not of the Congregation)               9

                              Children, (4 not of the Congregation,)                 6           15

            The Sunday School has been deprived of the important services of its Superintendent, (on account of ill health,) through a large portion of the year.  It remains under the care of the Rector, and five Teachers, and includes above thirty scholars, regularly attending the School.

            The number of volumes in the Library is                                  390

            Church Offerings, including all collections in Church,

                      and a donation of fifty dollars from a benevolent

                      individual not of the congregation,                            $285

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            The Parish Association, formed last year for the purpose of aiding all objects of christian benevolence has not yet been carried into full effect.

            One branch of it, however, has made a good beginning, and encourages the hope of permanent usefulness.  About one hundred dollars has been gathered as the fruit of female industry, and perseverance.


Rev. William D. Cairns, Rector

            Baptisms, all infants,                                                               16

            Communicants, added 8,                                                         28

            Marriages,                                                                                  4

            Burials, 2 infants,                                                                         4

            Collections,                                                                    $145  36

            Sunday School, 5 Teachers, 40 scholars.

            Very little change has taken place in the condition of this Parish since the last report; like others, we have had our share of difficulties arising out of the times.  A heavy debt contracted in the building of our Church has depressed us, and prevented that manifestation of interest in the benevolent operations of the Church which we have all felt.  We look forward, however, confidently to the time when “owing no man any thing but love,” we shall be enabled to do our part in the great work of preaching the gospel to the poor, and sending forth the knowledge of its truth even unto the ends of the earth.



Rev. Theodore B. Barton, Rector.

            Communicants 13.  Of the inhabitants of the Island there has been neither Baptism, Marriage nor Burial during the past ecclesiastical year.  I preached at Waynsville in the Au-

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tumn, where I have also Baptised  four children and buried one.  It has pleased Divine Providence to exempt the white inhabitants of this island from death during a period of nearly four years.  May his mercy, as it gives us the time, give us also the disposition to escape the more frequent and more fearful spiritual death.  The black congregation whom I preach to every Sunday evening, continue to manifest much eagerness and gratitude for religious instructions.  Though most of them are Baptists, and prone to the grievous error that immersion cleanseth from all sin, they yet exhibit great interest in the liturgy, and join in such parts of it as they could learn, with earnestness and devotion.



Missionary at Clarksville.

            I commenced services in this place, on the 26th of October 1838.  The christian community here is principally composed of Methodists and Baptists.  The former have a Church in the village of Clarksville, and the latter, about a mile distant from it;  I was invited by the Methodists to preach in their house when not occupied by themselves.  Their services did not occur, at the time of my arrival here, oftener than once a month.  As their Church had a bell, and was in fact the only convenient house of worship in the place, and as it was thought by those who knew the feeling of the community better than myself, that the choice of a different place of worship would call into exercise unfriendly feelings towards us, which might not otherwise exist, I was induced to accept the invitation given.  For a time I preached twice on Sunday, but found it impracticable to bring the people together in the evening, as they were accustomed to only one service.  Conforming therefore to the usage of the place, I held only a morning service, and found my congregation much increased.  For about two months and a half, I continued to occupy the Methodist Pulpit three Sundays in the month; at the expiration of which time, an arrangement was

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made by them, to provide a preacher of their own once in two weeks leaving me but every other Sunday.  In the mean time, I have officiated once in Gainsville, and once at Nacooche; and since the 1st of January, have spent between two and three hours each Sunday with my Sunday School——-

Every Saturday Evening I have given religious instruction to the colored people, having obtained the cheerful consent of their masters for the purpose.  I have disposed of thirty-two Prayer books, and also, distributed as many of our Tracts, as I conveniently could.  Thus, I have endeavored to embrace such opportunities of usefulness as presented, but still have found cause to regret that my labors in the pulpit should have been at all restricted.  The circumstances which have occasioned this will no longer exist, when we have a church of our own.—-

There are but three families here decidedly Episcopal, who remain throughout the year.  Several others are in the habit of spending the summer in Clarksville, and returning again to their homes in Autumn.  On Easter day I administered the communion to five persons; and these are all, who can at present be reckoned as our own communicants.  I have to report but one Baptism, and one Marriage.

            My Sunday School numbers 42 scholars and 7 teachers.  In this I find it necessary both to superintend, and give the principal instruction.  As there is no other in the village, our school is an object of much interest to parents, and so far as I can learn, gives very general satisfaction.  We have been furnished with a suitable Library of 61 Bound Vols. for the use of the children.  For this favor, we are indebted to Mrs. R.W. Habersham, Sen and to one of our parishioners in New York.  Gainesville is thought to be good Missionary ground for our Church, it is more populous and wealthy than Clarksville.—

There are three Episcopal families residing in the place, and several others I am informed, resort thither for health during the summer.  I design to commence services in Gainesville about the 1st of next month, preaching every other Sunday until winter.  In the mean time, I hope a Missionary may be provided to labor and reside among them.  In the village of

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Clarksville, a central and beautiful site for an Episcopal church has been purchased at an expense of  $500.  A few hundred dollars more are required, to make up the amount necessary to defray the expense of building.  The Building Committee are now in search of suitable artizans, and as soon as they can be procured, the work will commence.  To aid and encourage us in this work, we have been furnished with $315, from the Parish of Augusta.  And here, though perhaps somewhat irrelevant, I feel desirous to mention the liberality of the Congregation at Savannah, which has pledged $400 for the support of your Missionary during the present year, besides sending to him a valuable box of sundries for the comfort of his family.

            Through little increase of our strength is yet to be seen, and was scarcely to have been expected under the circumstances, I have still reason to believe that our services are growing in favor with the more intelligent part of the community.  We are encouraged therefore, to look with a cheerful hope for the time, when this portion of our Zion shall put on her beautiful garments, and rejoice in Him who hath blessed her. 


Report of the Rev. George White.

            The subscriber reports to the Convention that he has for the last year been engaged in preaching to the seamen of Savannah.  In the summer he made several excursions into the country.  During one of these excursions a Church was organized at Springfield, Effingham county. 


Report of the Rev. John J. Hunt.

                                                                                                                Washington, April 13th, 1839.

                I have only to report to the Convention my removal from Athens to this place.

            I have no official acts to report since my removal other than an occasional supply for other denominations.  The views in relation to Athens, my former station, remain in the main, unchanged.

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            The Treasurer’s accounts were referred to the Committee on Finance, who reported them to be correct exhibiting a balance in favor of the Convention of $34  50.

            Robert G. Guerard, Esq. was unanimously re-elected Treasurer of the Diocese.

            The Convention then proceeded to balot for a Standing Committee, a Committee on Missions, and Delegates to the General Convention, whereupon the following persons were duly chosen:

            Rev. Edward Neufville,

            Rev. Edward E. Ford,

            Rev. Seneca G. Bragg,             Standing Committee.

            Maj. Tho’s M. Nelson,

            Edward F. Campbell,

            Gerard McLaughlin,


            Rev. Seneca G. Bragg,

            Rev. William D. Cairns,

            Nathaniel Barker,                            Committee on Missions.

            Nathan C. Munroe,

            Horace Fitch,


            Rev. Edward Neufville,

            Rev. Edward E. Ford,

            Rev. Seneca G. Bragg,

            Rev. William D. Cairns,                        Delegates to the General                                      Hon. John M. Berrien,                                  Convention.

            Maj. Tho’s M. Nelson,

            George Jones,

            Charles Day,

            On motion it was, Resolved, That the Delegates to the General Convention, be the Delegates to any Special Convention of the Church, which may be called previous to the next Annual Convention of this Diocese.

            On motion, it was Resolved, That a Committee of seven persons be appointed, of which Committee the President of the Convention shall be the Chairman, to take into consideration a proposal from the Diocese of Florida, to unit with said Diocese, in conjunction with the Diocese of Alabama, in the Election of a Bishop for the three Dioceses of Georgia, Alabama and Florida jointly, at a meeting to be held in the city of Colum-

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bus Georgia, on the 1st day of June next, and to report to this Convention before its final adjournment.

            The Committee appointed, with the Rev. Edward Neufville, President of the Convention, were the Rev. William D. Cairns, Rev. Edward E. Ford, Judge Berrien, Major Nelson, Edward F. Campbell, and George R. Jessup.  Certain resolutions of the Vestries of Christ Church, Savannah, and Trinity Church, Columbus, were referred to this Committee.

            The Rev. Mr. Bragg having been called to the Chair, the Rev. Edward Neufville presented, in behalf of a Committee appointed at the last Convention of the Church in this Diocese, a Revised Constitution and Canons, the consideration of which was, on motion, postponed until to-morrow. 

            The Convention then adjourned until 10 o’clock to-morrow morning.


                                                                                                Tuesday Morning, April 16.

            Convention met pursuant to adjournment.

            Morning Prayer was read by the Rev. Mr. Bragg, and a Sermon preached by the Rev. Mr. Neufville,

            The minutes of yesterday were read and approved.

            The Report of the Committee on the Constitution and Canons being the subject of consideration, the Constitution, as reported by the Committee, was amended, and with the Canons, was unanimously adopted, and ordered to be printed with the Journals of this Convention.   (See Appendix A.)

            The Rev. John J. Hunt took his seat as a member of the Convention.

            The Committee on Missions made the following Report, which was ordered to be printed:


            That soon after the Convention of last year, a meeting of all the members of the Committee was held in the city of Macon, and duly organized by the election of the Rev. Seneca G. Bragg as Chairman, and Nathaniel Barker, Esq. as Secretary

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and Treasurer.  It was unanimously resolved, to make immediate and persevering efforts to secure a Missionary for Clarksville, with the expectation that his labors would be divided between that place and Gainsville.  A clerical member of the Committee was designated to open and conduct a correspondence with reference to that object, who finally succeeded in obtaining the services of the Rev. E.B. Kellogg, of the Diocese of New-York.  Our Missionary, with his family, arrived at Clarksville, and entered upon his duties in the month of October.  His success and prospects at that station will fully appear in his own report to the Convention.  Thus far, a general sympathy has been awakened in behalf of that portion of our Diocese, and manifested by several gratifying acts of prompt and seasonable benevolence.

            Although the Committee have to regret the loss of the assistance of one lay member, by reason of ill health, and of another, by resignation, we trust the Convention will not feel disappointed, in view of the small results which have followed our measures.  Little as has been accomplished, it is thankfully believed that the Divine blessing has attended our past, and will accompany our future exertions, if favored with the continued prayers and liberal offerings of the friends of Zion.  For the amount of money disbursed, in aid of the cause of Missions, within the Diocese, reference is made to the account of the Treasurer, herewith submitted.

            Another duty assigned to the Committee, was the establishment of a Depository of Books and Tracts in the city of Macon, for the use of the respective Churches and Sunday Schools of the Diocese.  This object has been effected, on a limited scale.  The sum of two hundred dollars has been appropriated and expended for the purpose of obtaining Prayer Books, Sunday School Books, and Tracts.  On application to the Bishop White Prayer Book Society, and in return for a donation of seventy-five dollars, we received from that Society five hundred copies of the Prayer Book, of uniform size, and suitable for gratuitous distribution.

            The plan adopted by the Committee for relieving the wants

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of the several portions of the Diocese, with regard to Books and Tracts, has been, to supply the respective Congregations, whenever ordering them, at the usual prices charged at the Depositories where they were obtained; and also to send them, when needed, to our Missionary stations, without requiring compensation.

            There remains, in the Depository, at this date, above three hundred Prayer Books, twenty-nine thousand pages of Tracts and Sunday School Books, to the value of about fifty dollars.

            The Committee are thoroughly persuaded, that it is important to the future prosperity of the Diocese, that the Depository, now established, should be placed on a broader foundation, by the investment of a much larger sum than has been expended for that purpose.  Such a proceeding, in the opinion of the Committee, could not fail of giving additional strength to our Parochial Institutions, and of securing increased advantages, in connexion with out Missionary operations.

                                                                        SENECA G. BRAGG, CHAIRMAN

The Committee on the Proposal from the Diocese of Florida presented the following report:

            The Committee, to whom was referred the proposal of the Diocese of Florida respecting a union for the purpose of electing a Bishop to exercise a jurisdiction in the Dioceses of Georgia, Alabama and Florida, agreeable to the second Section of the first Canon of the General Convention of 1838, respectfully report:

            That after mature deliberation they are prepared to express in the most earnest terms their sense of the desirableness of the projected union, and their hearty concurrence in the overture made by the Diocese of Florida.  At the same time, however, they are constrained to regret that any condition should have been annexed to the same, which could be at all calculated to restrict the choice of the Convention, charged with the duty of an election, as to the circle of their choice, and do express the hope that this disapproval of the condition referred to, may not interfere with the union proposed.  The memorial of the

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last Convention of this Diocese, addressed to the Bishops of the Church in general Convention assembled, set forth, in decided terms, the sentiment and wish of our people on this most important subject.  Your committee feel grateful, that the action of that Convention has placed us in a situation to associate with one or more of our sister Dioceses for the accomplishment of the object desired, in a manner so much more advantageous and agreeable, than was then contemplated, as is afforded by the opportunity of securing the services of a Bishop, who will be in fact, though for a relative portion of his time only, our own Diocesan, with that jurisdiction and power of supervision and control which are so necessary to the unprotected Churches in this widely extended and rapidly populating country.

            The advantages which may be expected to result from the enjoyment of regular Episcopal ministrations are so obvious, that any course which may have a tendency to defeat the object is to be deprecated.  And such, your Committee cannot but consider the restriction proposed by the Convention of the Diocese of Florida.  While they disclaim any intention to present of urge upon the contemplated Joint Convention, the claims of any particular individual to the high and responsible office of Bishop, in the associated Dioceses, it is their wish to meet their brethren upon equal ground, and to exercise their discretion in selecting an individual who may in their judgment be qualified, and endowed of God with that spirit of self-sacrifice which alone can enable him to be an acceptable and efficient overseer of this portion of the Lord’s Vineyard.

            Your Committee, therefore, respectfully recommend the adoption of the following resolutions:

            Resolved, That the proposal of the Diocese of Florida, be unanimously acceded to, subject only to the qualification expressed in this report; and that the President of this Convention be hereby authorised and required to confer with the President of the Conventions of Alabama and Florida, earnestly recommending to the latter, in the exercise of the power conferred upon him by the Convention of that Diocese, to call

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a special Convention of the same for the purpose of perfecting the good work which they have begun, by reconsidering the condition which they have annexed to their proposal for the election of a Bishop, and immediately upon learning the final decisions of those bodies respectively as to the measure proposed, to call a special Convention of this Diocese to meet in the city of Columbus, on the 1st day of June next, unless it should be deemed expedient by the Convention of Alabama to postpone the said meeting until some later period, due notice of which shall be given to the Clergy and congregations of this Diocese.

            Resolved, That a copy of this Report and Resolutions duly authenticated be forwarded by the President of this Convention to the Presidents of the respective Conventions of Alabama and Florida.

            Your Committee in anticipation of the probable issue of the deliberations of the meeting in Columbus, would further recommend the adoption of the following resolution:

            That the question of salary for the Bishop elect, to be contributed on the part of this Diocese, as its just proportion, be referred to action of the special Convention.

                                                            Signed by

                                                                        WILLIAM D. CAIRNS,

                                                                                    In behalf of the Committee.

This Report having been read, the Convention adjourned until 4 o’clock, P.M.

                                                                                    4 O’clock, P.M.

            Convention met pursuant to adjournment.—The Minutes of the last Session were read and approved.

            The Florida Proposal being called for, the report of the Committee was accepted and the Resolutions were unanimously passed.

            The Standing Committee made the following Report, which was accepted:

            The Standing Committee, have only to report, that the required Canonical document, signifying their assent to the consecration of the Rev. William H. Delancey, D.D. as Bishop

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of the Diocese of Western New York, has been signed, and that the Rev. Ezra B. Kellogg has been received as a Presbyter of this Diocese by virtue of a letter Dimissory from the Right Rev’d B.T. Onderdonk, D.D. Bishop of the Diocese of New York.

                                                                        EDWARD NEUFVILLE, Pres’t.

            The Committee on Finance reported the accounts of the Treasurer of the Missionary Committee to be correct, and a balance in favor of the Convention.

            The Committee on the State of the Church made the following Report which was ordered to be printed:



            That, in taking a general survey of the condition of the Church for the past year, as exhibited in the various Documents laid before the present Convention, and proceedings of that body, they feel that there is much to afford ground of encouragement and to inspire the friends of the Church with a deep sense of gratitude to its Gracious Head.

            The Parochial Reports made to the present Convention furnish the following results, viz:

            Baptisms,                                                                   68

            Communicants,                                                 301

            Marriages,                                                                    24

            Funerals,                                                                      57

            Sunday Schools, Teachers, 40 scholars,                       255

            Collections—For Missions,                      $1528  16

                                  For Gen’l Theo. Sem.          62  47

                                  For other ben. objects,       408  11

                                                                         $1998  74               

            Your Committee feel that they have especial cause to congratulate the Church, on the labors of the Committee on Missions.  The first fruit of the labors of this body, it having been instituted only at our last convention, afford a pleasing, and it is hoped true, earnest of what may be hereafter expected from them under the Divine blessing.  Through the instrumentality

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of that body, the Diocese is now furnished with a Depository; the want of which has been long and seriously felt—of Prayer Books, Books of Sunday School Instruction, and Religious Tracts.  But as one of the most valuable fruits of their labors, your Committee refer with pleasure to the engagement by them, of the Rev. Ezra B. Kellogg, formerly of the Diocese of New York as Missionary to the friends of our Church at Clarksville Habersham county.  The report of that Rev. Gentleman, as it appears in the Journal of Convention must prove highly interesting to the friends of the Church.  As an indication of increasing prosperity, you Committee advert, with pleasure, to the fact of the organization of a new Congregation at Springfield, Effingham county.  This fact was made known through the report of the Rev. Mr. White, although the regular evidence thereof not being furnished, that Congregation has not been formally recognised.

            Your Committee are gratified to report the system of Church Offerings as being in operation in most of our Parishes.

            As by far the most important and interesting subject which has occupied the deliberations of the present Convention, your Committee would advert to the Proposal, from the Diocese of Florida, of an union of the Dioceses of Georgia, Alabama and Florida for the election of a common Bishop.  The proceedings of the Convention in relation to this subject, by which that proposal has been acceded to, with but a single qualification, (which, however, it is sincerely hoped may not defeat the object contemplated,) this Committee cannot but regard as an event full of promise, that the anomalous feature which has so long existed in the condition of the Dioceses in question, will at no distant day, be removed; the Church in those Dioceses be furnished, in the person of a Bishop with her regular scriptural Head, and her children be made to rejoice those spiritual blessings which our faith, as Episcopalians, authorises us to expect from such an event.—All of which is respectfully submitted.

                                                                        SENECA G. BRAGG,

                                                                        EDWARD E. FORD,  


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            On motion, it was Resolved, That a Committee of three persons be appointed to take into consideration the establishment of a Fund for the support of the Episcopate in the Diocese of Georgia, to report to the next Annual Convention of this Diocese.

            The Committee appointed were, Messrs. Edward F. Campbell, George Jones, and Maj. Thomas M. Nelson.

            The thanks of the Convention were voted severally to the Rev. George White, for the Convention Sermon; the Rev. Ezra B. Kellogg, for his Missionary Sermons; the Rev. William D. Cairns, for his services as Secretary; and Messrs. Robert G. Guerard and Nathaniel Barker, for their services as Treasurers of the Convention and Missionary Funds.

            Five hundred copies of the Journal, with the Revised Constitution and Canons, were ordered to be printed.

            On motion, it was Resolved, That the next Annual Convention be held in the town of Clarksville, Habersham County, on the first Monday in May, 1840.

            The Rev. Edward Neufville was appointed to preach the Convention Sermon, and the Rev. John J. Hunt the Missionary Sermon.

            The following Resolutions were then unanimously adopted:

            Resolved, That this Convention, having adopted measures which, when consummated, will have the effect to dissolve the connexion which has existed between this Diocese and the Right Reverend Nathaniel Bowen, D.D. Bishop of South Carolina, do hereby, in contemplation of that event, tender to that venerated and beloved Prelate the assurance of their sincere regard and affection, and their grateful recollection of those Episcopal services which, amid the many pressing cares and duties of his own Diocese, and at the sacrifice of much personal comfort,  he has so kindly extended to us.

            Resolved, That until the services of another Bishop shall be obtained for this Diocese, in pursuance of the measures above referred to, or in some other mode, the Right Reverend Bishop Bowen be, and hereby is, respectfully and earnestly invited by this Convention to continue his kind supervisory care over our Parishes.

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            Resolved, That the Secretary of this Convention be requested to transmit to the Right Reverend Bishop Bowen a duly attested copy of these Resolutions.

            On motion of the Rev. Mr. White, it was unanimously Resolved, That this Convention has heard with deep regret of the removal from the scene of his earthly labors and usefulness, of Dr. George Jones, for many years a most exemplary communicant of our Church and influential member of our Conventions; and that the Secretary do make known to the family of the deceased our condolence and sympathy in the bereavement with which they have been visited.

            The thanks of the Convention were unanimously returned to the Rev. Edward Neufville for the dignity and impartiality with which he has presided at our deliberations.

            The minutes having been read and approved, after the usual religious exercises, the Convention was adjourned.

                                                            EDWARD NEUFVILLE,  President.

William D. Cairns, Secretary.


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            Article 1.  The Church in this Diocese, as a constituent part of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States of America, acceded to, recognizes and adopts the General Constitution of that Church, and acknowledges its authority accordingly.

            Article 2d.  A Convention of this Church shall be held at such time of each year and place as the previous convention may appoint: Provided, however, that no convention shall be opened for the transaction of business, unless there be present at least two Clergymen and Delegates from two congregations.  And in case no convention be formed, the standing officers of the last convention shall hold their respective offices until successors shall be appointed.

            Article 3d.   The Bishop, or, if the Episcopate be vacant, the standing committee shall have power, when it appears requisite for the good of the Church, to call a special convention, by a circular letter to the several churches.  There shall not be less than four weeks notice previous to the day appointed, and such meeting shall be holden when the authority calling it shall determine: and at such special convention, no other business shall be transacted than that stated in the notice calling the convention.

            Article 4th.   The convention shall be composed of Clergymen and Laymen.  Every Clergyman in good standing, duly exercising clerical functions in existing parishes, or in other situations under the direction of the Ecclesiastical authority of this Diocese, shall be a member of the convention; and every duly recognized Minister of this Church, engaged in the busi-

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ness of literary instruction, who shall have resided within the Diocese for six months last past, shall be entitled to all the privileges of a member of the convention with the exception of the right to vote.

            Each church or congregation in union with this Convention shall be entitled to a representation by one Lay Delegate or more, not exceeding three, to be chosen from its own body by the Wardens and Vestrymen thereof: provided, however, that the Minister, or in his absence, the Delegate or Delegates present at any Convention may supply any vacancy in the delegation, if he or they should find at the place of meeting a member or members of the congregation which they are empowered to represent.

            Article 5th.   New Parishes may be admitted into union with this Convention, by a majority of votes:  provided they shall have laid before the Convention written evidence, subscribed by the Wardens, that they accede to the Constitution and Canons of this Church, and are regularly organized by the election of two Wardens, and any number of Vestrymen at discretion, not exceeding eight. 

            Article 6th.   Every meeting of the Convention shall be opened with divine service, and a sermon delivered on the Sunday previous by a preacher appointed at the preceding Convention.

            Article 7th.   The Convention shall deliberate and act as one body, unless when any member shall call for a division on any question, in which case each Clerical member shall be entitled to one vote, and the Lay-delegates of each congregation jointly to one vote; and a majority of both orders shall be necessary to a decision.

            Article 8th.   The Bishop of the Diocese shall be, ex-officio, President of the Convention.  In case there be no Bishop, or in his absence, a presiding officer shall be elected from among the Clerical members present.

            Article 9th.   At each annual meeting of the Convention, a Secretary and Treasurer shall be chosen, to hold their respective offices until the next Annual Convention, or until successors shall be appointed.

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            Article 10.   A Standing Committee shall be chosen at each annual meeting of the Convention to consist of three Clerical and three Lay members; of the time and place of whose meetings due notice in writing shall be given to all the members thereof at least one week before the time of such meeting.  At a meeting thus notified, any four members shall constitute a quorum.  The Standing Committee shall meet, as soon as practicable after their election and choose a President and Secretary from among their own number; and it shall be the duty of the President to call a meeting of the committee whenever he shall deem it necessary, or whenever he shall be required so to do by any three members of the committee.

            Vacancies in this committee, caused by death, resignation, or otherwise, shall be supplied by the suffrages of the remaining members.

            Article 11.   The Convention shall annually elect four Clergymen and four Laymen, as Deputies to the General Convention, who shall be empowered, in the absence of one or more of their Colleagues, to appoint in the place of such Delegate or Delegates any citizen or citizens of this State, provided that such citizen or citizens be a member or members of the Protestant Episcopal Church in this Diocese; or if it be inconvenient for any Delegate or Delegates to proceed to the place of meeting, the Bishop is authorized to appoint others in their place.  In case of a vacancy in the Episcopate, the power hereby conferred on the Bishop shall be exercised by the Standing Committee.

            Article 12.   A proposition for altering and amending this Constitution shall be introduced in writing and considered in convention: and, if approved by a majority, shall lie over to the next convention, when, upon consideration again, if it be approved by a majority of the convention, it shall be adopted.

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            1.  Each Church duly represented in this convention shall pay or cause to be paid into the hands of the Treasurer of the convention, the sum of fifteen dollars annually, for defraying the incidental expenses of the convention.

            2.  In case any clergyman of this Diocese shall be accused of error in doctrine, immorality of life, or neglect or transgression of any of the canons of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States or of this Diocese, it shall be the duty of any two or more Clergymen, or of the Wardens and Vestrymen of the Church of which he is Rector, or to which he may belong, who shall have knowledge or belief of such misdemeanor, to represent the same to the Bishop, or in case there be no Bishop, to the Standing Committee, if he or they shall deem the charge or charges worthy of investigation, forthwith to notify the accused of such charge or charges, together with the time and place appointed for his trial.  The mode of trial shall be as follows:  The Bishop, or the Standing Committee, as the case may be, shall appoint a number of Presbyters not less than five, of whom the person accused may select a majority by whom to be tried.  The result of the trail shall be made known to the Bishop, or in case there be no Bishop, to the Standing Committee, who shall pronounce and execute, or cause to be pronounced and executed, such sentence as may be awarded, should the same by him or them be deemed just and proper.

            Should the sentence be suspension or degradation from the Ministry, the Bishop or provisional Bishop, or should there be none, some neighboring Bishop shall be requested to pronounce the same.

            Should it be impossible to obtain from this Diocese the requisite number of Presbyters to constitute a Board of trial, the deficiency may be supplied from a neighboring Diocese.

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            Should any clergyman accused and cited for trial according to the provisions of this Canon, neglect, or refuse to obey the citation, such neglect or refusal shall be considered as an acknowledgment of the truth of the charges preferred against him, and sentence shall be pronounced accordingly.

            3. The convention shall appoint annually by ballot, a committee of two Clergymen and three Laymen, whose duty it shall be, to take in charge the Missionary, Bible, Common Prayer Book, Tract and Sunday School operations of the Church in this Diocese: And it shall be further the duty if this committee to make a full report of all proceedings to each succeeding annual Convention.




            The next Annual Convention of the Diocese of Georgia, will be held in the town of Clarksville, Habersham County, on the first Monday in May, 1840.



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