Journal — 1837

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Held at St. Simons,

On the 10th, and 11th, of April, 1837.









Rev. Edward Neufville, Rector of Christ Church, Savannah.
Rev. Edward E. Ford, Rector of St. Paul’s Church, Augusta.
Rev. Theodore B. Bartow, Rector of Christ Church, St. Simons.
Rev. Seneca G. Bragg, Rector of Christ Church, Macon.
Rev. John J. Hunt, Missionary, Athens, Clark Co.
Rev. George White, Savannah.

Rev. William D. Cairns, of North Carolina, Rector Elect of Trinity Church, Columbus.



St. Simons, Monday, April 10th, 1837.

Agreeably to appointment by the last Convention of this Diocese, the several Delegates attended this day at 11 o’clock, A. M. at Christ Church, St. Simons, the Convention Sermon having been yesterday preached by the Rev. Edward E. Ford, and morning prayer having been conducted by the Rev. Edward Neufville, who also officiated at the administration of the Holy Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper, assisted by the Rev. Theodore B. Bartow, Rector of Christ Church, St. Simons.

The Rev. Edward Neufville, President of the Convention, took the Chair, and Mr. A. Drysdale acted as Secretary pro tem.

The following certificates of Lay-delegation being presented, were examined and approved:

M. Hall McAllister, \
Robert G. Guerard, > From Christ Church, Savannah.
Alexander Drysdale, /
Dr. Ambrose Baber, \
Nathan C. Munroe > From Christ Church, Macon.
Philip R. Yonge, /
John Milledge, \
Edward F. Campbell, > From St. Paul’s Church, Augusta.
John Ruggles Cotting, /


W. W. Hazzard, \
James Gould, > From Christ Church, St. Simons.
John Fraser, /

The following members appeared and took their seats:


Rev. Edward Neufville, Rector of Christ Church, Savannah.
Rev. Theodore B. Bartow, Rector of Christ Church, St. Simons.
Rev. Edward E. Ford, Rector of St. Paul’s Church, Augusta.


W. W. Hazzard, \ From Christ Church, St. Simons.
John Fraser, /
Robert G. Guerard, \ From Christ Church, Savannah.
Alexander Drysdale, /
John Ruggles Cotting, From St. Paul’s Church, Augusta.

A. Drysdale was then elected Secretary, and R. G. Guerard, Treasurer.

The following Parochial Reports were read, and ordered to be entered:

Rev. Edward E. Ford, Rector.

Baptisms, – (children,) – – 13
Marriages, – – – – – 2
Burials, (7 of them being of persons not of
the congregation,) – – – 12
Communicants, (added 10—4 of the number being
from other Congregations—died, 2—removed,
9—withdrawn, 1–) present number, – 70


The Sunday School is under the charge of a Superintendent, 3 male and 5 female Teachers, and contains on its rolls about 60 children.

The Rector had hoped that he would have been enabled to report to the present Convention, the erection of a suitable Sunday School building, of which there is much need. From various causes, however, such a building has not yet been erected; and the School, much to its disadvantage, has been held, during the past year, in the gallery of the church. There is a fund in hand of upwards of $800 dedicated to the erection of a building; and the hope is confidently entertained that it will, in the course of the ensuing year, be applied to its destined object.

The Rector is happy to state that at the meeting of the Vestry, on Easter Monday last, a Resolution was adopted for the establishment of the system of periodical contributions for Missionary purposes, known by the title of “Offerings of the Church.” From its very recent establishment, however, an opportunity has not yet been afforded for putting it into operation.

The Rev. Mr. Minor, appointed Missionary to Western Africa, collected, on his recent visit to the congregation, the sum of $188.


Rev. Theodore B. Bartow, Rector.

Marriage, – – – – – – 1
Baptisms, – – – – – – 3


Burials, – – – – – – 1*
Communicants, – – – – – 13
Families, – – – – – – 14

White inhabitants varying from 60 to 100. None of their number have died during the past year.


Rev. Edward Neufville, Rector.

Baptisms, (adult 1, infants 17,) – – – 18
Marriages, – – – – – – 6
Burials, – – – – – – 8
Communicants, – – – – – 142

The foregoing statistical report embraces only a period of 5 months. During the last year there has been contributed the sum of $402.57cts. to the General Missionary Society, of which $159 was in aid of the funds of the Committee for Foreign Missions.

There are connected with the Sunday School, a Superintendent, 4 male and 8 female teachers. The number of scholars registered is about 100; (of whom 40 are in the infant department,) the average number in attendance is 60. Teachers’ meetings are held weekly.

The present incumbent, in March 1836, resigned the charge of this parish, to take effect immediately after the adjournment of the last Convention, (in order that he might feel at liberty to devote the summer season to such recreation as he felt to be necessary,) but with an understanding, entered into at the

* U. S. N.


solicitation of the Vestry, that he would resume it as early in the autumn as might suit his convenience

Accordingly, on the 10th of November last, he returned, after an absence of seven months, during which time he had sought to combine usefulness to the Church with benefit to his health, by traveling chiefly in the upper part of the State, and officiating occasionally, as opportunity offered, for the scattered members of our communion and others who were destitute of regular ministrations. As the result of the observations which he was enabled to make, he begs leave to report to the Convention, that Clarksville and Milledgeville present a field for Missionary labour, which may emphatically be said to be ripe for the harvest. At those places great anxiety is manifested by members of our communion for the establishment of the Church among them, and a disposition to co-operate according to their ability with any measures which may be adopted for supplying them with regular and stated ministrations. The former place, especially, (from the fact that the salubrity of its climate offers very strong inducements for the citizens of the low country to make it a summer retreat) must, it is believed, eventually become a general resort. The importance of having a Church there is obvious; and it is to be regretted that the Committee for Domestic Missions, by whom it has been appointed a Missionary Station, have not yet succeeded in their efforts to supply it.


Rev. George White residing in Savannah.

To the Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church, in the Diocese of Georgia.

The undersigned begs leave to report that he officiates in the Penfield Mariners’ Church, located in the city of Savannah. He usually performs divine service three times a week. The ladies of Christ Church, through Mrs. Jones, have furnished me with more than one hundred Prayer Books for distribution among seamen. To the Young Men’s Bible Society I am indebted for a large supply of Bibles and Testaments. From the 9th of April to the 11th of November, 1836, in conjunction with the Rev. Mr. Hunt, I was engaged in Christ Church. In the latter part of August, 1836, I was admitted into Priest’s Orders in the city of Charleston, by the Right Rev. Bishop Bowen. I have officiated at one baptism (infant,) five marriages, and seven burials.


Rev. J. J. Hunt, Missionary at Athens, Georgia.

Since my last report to the Convention, I have been engaged for six months, officiating (in connection with the Rev. Mr. White,) in Christ Church Savannah, during the vacancy in the Rectorship. In that period, I have been called to solemnize one marriage, performed four baptisms, (two not of the congregation,) and to attend nine funerals (three not of the


congregation.) Early in October of the last year, I received from the ‘Domestic Committee of Missions,’ the appointment of Missionary to this place, but did not remove till the close of the year, and after arriving here, was prevented by circumstances from holding our services till the second Sunday in Lent. Since that day, I have preached regularly every Sunday morning and night. The congregations have of late been very full at night, and though our scattered band is small, and few unite in our peculiar worship, we have, on the whole, ground for encouragement, and a hope of success in the establishment of the Church. I have found more Episcopalians that I had expected. The greatest difficulty I have to contend with, is the want of a suitable place of worship. The Female Academy, which we use at this time, is not well situated, and very inconveniently arranged for the purpose. If we had a Church our congregation would increase; and without it, from present appearances our growth must be slow. On that depends in a measure our success. The Church is regarded not unfavourably, and from the fact of this being as it were a radiating point to every section of the State, it becomes us to be energetic and decided in whatever we do. A temporizing spirit may involve us in consequences requiring many long years of exertion for our extrication. I have every confidence, from the agitation of the subject already in the place, and the general liberality of the citizens, a handsome sum can be raised here for the object, but not sufficient for the purpose. We must appeal to other places. I earnestly commend our cause and


prospects to the consideration of the Convention, and ask of each Rector to present our claims to his congregation and use his utmost exertions in our behalf. Our hopes (humanly speaking) depend on the co-operation of our brethren, both Clerical and Lay, and our spiritual advancement on the blessing of the Great Head of the Church, in answer to the prayers of his people, that he will prosper the work of the “labourer in the harvest” to whose lot it has fallen to set up this tower of the earthly Zion.


Rev. Seneca G. Bragg, Rector.

Baptisms, (children, 1 colored,) – – – 8
Burials, (not of the congregation,) – – – 3
Marriages, – – – – – – 3
Communicants, (added 5,) – – – – 34

There are now attending the Sunday School 25 scholars, who are instructed by a Superintendent and five Teachers, all of whom are communicants of the Church. The Rector regards it as his duty to be always present, and considers the School an important part of his parochial charge. The number of volumes in the Library is 260.

The plan of weekly Church offerings continues to find favor with the members of the Church and Congregation. It has enabled them to do more for various objects connected with the welfare of the Parish, and of other portions of Zion, than they had ever done previous to the adoption of that Scriptural plan of systematic, Christian benevolence.


The Report of G. McLaughin, Treasurer of the Convention for the last year, showing a balance due to the Treasurer, of $14, was then submitted, examined and approved.

The Standing Committee made the following Report, which being read, was ordered to be entered.

The Standing Committee beg leave to Report to the Convention, that they have within the last year given letters dimissory in favor of Rev. John H. Norment, removing to the Diocese of Tennessee. They have also furnished the requisite testimonials for admission to Priest’s Orders of Rev. George White and Rev. John J. Hunt, who have been ordained by the Right Rev. Bishop Bowen of South Carolina.


The Convention now adjourned for divine service.

The Rev. Edward E. Ford having conducted the morning service, and the Rev. Edward Neufville having delivered a sermon in Christ Church, St. Simons, the Convention assembled, and immediately resolved itself into the “Society for the General advancement of Christianity in the State of Georgia.”

James Gould having appeared, took his seat.

The Reports of the Treasurer and Standing Committee, as a Board of Trust, having been received, the following was assented to:

The Standing Committee as a Board of Trust, of the funds of this Society, have agreed to contribute to the support of the Rev. John J. Hunt, Missionary


at Athens, Georgia, the sum of $250, per annum, in addition to the salary allowed to him by the General Missionary Society.

The Treasurer reported a balance in hand of $136 40 cents.

The Convention then resumed its deliberations.

The Rev. Theodore B. Bartow offered the following as an amendment to the 4th Article of the Constitution, which was adopted:

All Clergymen, of the Protestant Episcopal Church residing and statedly officiating in this State, shall be, ex-officio, members of this Convention. Each Church, in union with this Convention, shall be entitled to a representation by one Lay Delegate or more, not exceeding three, to be chosen from its own congregation by the Wardens and Vestrymen of said Church. Provided, however, that the Rector or Delegate or Delegates present at any Convention may supply any vacancy in the delegation, if he or they should find at the place of meeting a member or members of the Congregation which they are empowered to represent.

The Rev. Theodore B. Bartow offered the following preamble and resolution, which was adopted:

Whereas, at the last Convention of this Diocese, the House of Bishops was applied to, under the provisions of the First Canon of 1835, to elect a Bishop for this Diocese: and, whereas, this Diocese will soon be in a condition to elect its own Bishop: therefore be it.

Resolved, That no action upon the said resolutions be expected from the House of Bishops.


The Convention adjourned to 10 o’clock, A. M. to-morrow, the 11th inst.


Tuesday, April 11th, 10 o’clock, A. M.

The Convention met this morning pursuant to adjournment—the same being opened with prayer by the Rev. Theodore B. Bartow.

The Rev. S. G. Bragg, Rector of Christ Church, Macon, appeared and took his seat.

The following persons were elected the Standing Committee for the ensuing year:
Rev. Edward Neufville, \
Rev. Theodore B. Bartow, > Of the Clergy.
Rev. Edward E. Ford, /
Dr. George Jones, \
W.B. Bulloch, > Of the Laity.
W.P. Hunter, /

The following were elected delegates to the next General Convention:
Rev. Edward Neufville, \
Rev. Edward E. Ford, \ Of the Clergy.
Rev. Theodore B. Bartow, /
Rev. S.G. Bragg, /
Hon. George Jones, \
Artemas Gould, \ Of the Laity.
Charles Day, /
James Rhind, /

Resolved, That the Delegates appointed at this Convention, to attend the next regular General Convention, be also considered the Delegates to any special Convention which may be called in the interval;


and, also, that the Delegates above appointed, who may attend at either of such General Conventions, be authorised to fill up vacancies in the Delegation.

Resolved, That the next Annual Convention of this Diocese be held in Christ Church, Savannah.

Resolved, That the Rev. John J. Hunt be appointed to preach the next Convention Sermon.

Resolved, That 500 copies of the Journal of this Convention, with the Constitution and Canons of the Church in this Diocese appended, be published under the superintendence of the Rev. Edward Neufville, and the Secretary.

After prayer by the President,
The Convention adjourned.
A. Drysdale, Secretary.







The several Congregations of the Protestant Episcopal Church in this State, now represented in this Convention, shall be considered as one Church or Diocese, to be known and designated by the name of “the Protestant Episcopal Church in the State of Georgia,” with a view to an union with the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America.


Any Congregation of said Church in this State, not now represented in this Convention, by making application to the Convention for admission, shall, on acceding to this Constitution, be received into union with this Church or Diocese.


A Convention of this Church shall be held on the 2d Monday after Easter Monday of each year, at such place as the previous Convention may appoint: Provided, however, That no Convention shall be opened


for the transaction of business, unless there be present at least two clergymen, and delegates from two congregations. And in case no Convention be formed, the standing officers of the last Convention shall hold their respective offices until successors shall be appointed.


All Clergymen of the Protestant Episcopal Church, of regular standing, residing and statedly officiating in this State, shall be, ex-officio, members of the Convention. Each Church, in union with this Convention, shall be entitled to a representation by one Lay Delegate or more, not exceeding three, to be chosen from its own congregation by the Wardens and Vestrymen of said Church. Provided, however, that the Rector or Delegate or Delegates present at any Convention may supply any vacancy in the delegation, if he or they should find at the place of meeting a member or members of the Congregation which they are empowered to represent.


Every Convention shall be opened with divine service, and a sermon delivered on the Sunday previous by a Preacher appointed at the preceding Convention.


The Convention shall deliberate and act as one body, unless when any member shall call for a division on any question; in which case, each clerical member shall be entitled to one vote, and the Lay-


delegates of each congregation jointly, to one vote: and a majority of both orders shall be necessary to a division.


At every meeting of the Convention, in the absence of a Bishop, the senior resident Presbyter of the Diocese, shall be ex officio, President of the Convention.


At each annual meeting of the Convention, a Secretary and Treasurer shall be chosen from among the members thereof, to hold their respective offices until the next annual Convention.


A standing committee shall be chosen at each annual meeting of the Convention, to consist of three Clerical and three Lay-members; of the time and place of whose meetings due notice in writing shall be given to all the members thereof, at least one week before the time of such meeting. At a meeting thus notified, any four members (provided one be a clergyman) shall form a quorum.

The standing committee shall meet as soon as practicable after their election, and choose a President and Secretary from among their own number: and it shall be the duty of the President to call a meeting of the committee whenever he shall deem it necessary, or whenever he shall be required so to do by any three or four members of the committee.

The standing committee shall have power to call


special Conventions of this Church, whenever peculiar circumstances may render it necessary: Provided, at least four weeks notice of the time and place of holding such Convention shall be given in writing to all the clergymen, and all the congregations connected with this Church.

The general powers and duties of the Committee shall be such as are designated by the general Constitution and Canons of the Church.


The Convention shall, in all cases, elect its officers by ballot; each Church to be entitled to one vote to be expressed by its delegation.


After the close of this Convention, no alteration of this Constitution shall be made, but by an annual meeting of the Convention: and then, only with the concurrence of at least two thirds of the members present.







Whenever any number of persons in this State shall associate to form an Episcopal Church, and shall elect two Wardens, and any number of Vestrymen at discretion, not exceeding eight, and shall properly signify their association for this purpose to the officers of the Standing Committee, or to the Bishop, they shall be recognized as a congregation duly organized, of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the State of Georgia: and it is hereby recommended to all congregations that may be thus organized, to obtain, as early as possible, a legislative act of incorporation.


Whenever a special Convention of this Church shall be called, it shall be the duty of the President of the Standing Committee, in giving notice of the meeting, to specify the business for which such Convention is called.



Each Church duly represented to this Convention shall pay, or cause to be paid, into the hands of the Treasurer of the Convention, the sum of fifteen dollars annually, for defraying the incidental expenses of the Convention.


In case any clergyman of this Diocese shall be accused of error in doctrine, immorality of life, or neglect or transgression of any of the Canons of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States, or of this Diocese, it shall be the duty of any two or more clergymen, or of the Wardens and Vestry of the Church of which he is Rector, or to which he may belong, who shall have knowledge or belief of such misdemeanor, to represent the same to the Bishop, or in case there be no Bishop, to the Standing Committee of the Diocese. In the event of such representation, it shall be the duty of the Bishop, or, if there be no Bishop, of the Standing Committee, if he or they shall deem the charge or charges worthy of investigation, forthwith to notify the accused of such charge or charges, together with the time and place appointed for his trial.

The mode of trial shall be as follows. The Bishop or the Standing Committee, as the case may be, shall appoint a number of Presbyters, not less than five, of whom the person accused may select a majority by whom to be tried. The result of the trial shall be made known to the Bishop, or, in case there be no Bishop, to the Standing Committee, who shall


pronounce and execute, or cause to be pronounced and executed, such sentence as may be awarded, should the same, by him or them, be deemed just and proper.

Should the sentence be suspension or degradation from the ministry, the Bishop, or provisional Bishop, or should there be none, some neighboring Bishop, shall be requested to pronounce the same.

Should it be impossible to obtain from this Diocese the requisite number of Presbyters to constitute a board of trial, the deficiency may be supplied from a neighboring Diocese.

Should any clergyman, accused and cited for trial according to the above provisions of this Canon, neglect or refuse to obey the citation, such neglect or refusal shall be considered as an acknowledgment of the truth of the charges preferred against him, and sentence shall be pronounced accordingly.


Form of a Certificate of appointment as a Delegate to the State Convention.

This certifies that at a meeting of the Rector, Wardens and Vestry (or Wardens and Vestry, if no Rector were present) of _______ held on _______ day of _______, the following person (or persons, as the case may be) viz: K.L.; M.N.; and O.P. were duly elected to represent this Church in the next Convention of this State, to be held in _______, on _______ day of _______, 18____.

The above certificate shall be signed by the Rector, if present, and by at least one Warden and two members of the Vestry.


The Style or Title of Churches.

The proper style for a duly incorporated congregation is “The Rector, Church Wardens and Vestry (or else the Church Wardens and Vestry) of _______ Church, in _______. The first blank being left for the name of the Church, the other for that of the place.