Bishop’s Diary of 1908-1909


MAY, 1908.

20th. On this day I was consecrated Bishop of Georgia in Christ Church, Savannah, the Bishop of Atlanta being Consecrator and the Bishops of Florida and Mississippi being co-consecrators. The Bishop of Tennessee preached the Sermon, the Bishop of Cuba and the Coadjutor Bishop of Southern Virginia being the Presenters. The Rev. Dr. Strong, Rector of St. John’s Church, Savannah, and the Rev. D. W. Winn, Rector of Christ Church, Frederica, and Archdeacon of Brunswick, were my attending Presbyters.
21st. Was present at and took part in the examination of Mr. Henry Lester Durrant for Deacon’s Orders, the Rev. Dr. Strong and the Rev. F. A. Brown conducting the examination.
Later attended and presided at a meeting of the Board of Missions.
22nd. Consulted with the Rev. D. W. Winn on matters connected with Diocesan Missions. Was notified that the Standing Committee had granted me three months’ leave of absence in consequence of my continued illness.
23rd. Confirmed one man in private for the Rev. S. B. McGlohon, Rector of St. Paul’s Church, Savannah.
24th. Fifth Sunday after Easter: Christ Church, Savannah, assisted in Morning Prayer; confirmed 16 and addressed the candidates.
27th. Conferred with Rev. Richard Bright, of St. Stephen’s Church, Savannah, as to calling a meeting of the Council of Colored Churchmen, and decided to postpone doing so until the regular meeting next year.
28th. Ascension Day. Attended the Service at St. John’s Church, Savannah.
30th. Augusta. Conferred with several clergymen and laymen on matters connected with the Church Work, and received many callers.
31st. Sunday after Ascencion. A. M. St. Paul’s Church; confirmed 14 and addressed the candidates.
P. M.—Church of the Atonement; confirmed 7 and addressed the candidates.

JUNE, 1908.

2nd. Savannah. Conferred with E. S. Elliott, Secretary of the Corporation, and signed transfer of sundry notes to the Bishop of Atlanta. 3rd. St. John’s Church, Savannah. Ordained to the Diaconate Mr. Henry Lester Durrant and celebrated the Holy Communion. The Rev. Dr. Strong presented the candidate, and the Rev. Mr. McGlohon preached the sermon, the Rev. Messrs. Brown, Frazer and Dakin assisting in the service.
4th. Became a patient in the Savannah Hospital, where I remained until July 6. During this time I conducted such correspondence as my health permitted and issued sundry licenses for lay readers.
10th. Signed an order authorizing the Bishop of Atlanta to accept the receipt of the Finance Committee of the Board of Officers of the Corporation as my agent in the settlement of sundry matters between us as Trustee.
15th. Gave consent to. the election of a Bishop Coadjutor for the Diocese of Virginia on the ground of the extent of Diocesan work.

JULY, 1908.

6th. In accordance with the provisions of the Canons of the General Convention. I authorized in writing the Standing Committee to act as the-Ecclesiasticil Authority of the Diocese during my absence and until recalled in writing.
7th. I left Savannah, and on the loth sailed from Philadelphia for England n’here I remained until October, arriving in Savannah on. the 14th day of that month.

OCTOBER, 1908.

16th. Conferred with Rev. Dr. Strong, Chairman of the Standing Committee, on the work of the Diocese.
18th. 13th Sunday after Trinity. St. Stephen’s Church, Savannah. Took part in the service and made a short address.
20th. My health not having been restored, and in accordance with the advice of physicians, I requested, and the Standing Committee consented to, a further and an indefinite leave of absence.
21st. Met and conferred with the Rev. Messrs. Winn and Brown and Mr. B. F. Finney, of the Board of Missions.
At night left Savannah for Marietta, Ga., where I have remained until this time receiving medical treatment and
endeavoring to recover my health. I have conducted, so far as I was able, necessary correspondence, endeavoring to keep in touch with the Diocese and assist in this way in its work.
25th. At LaGrange, Ga., in the Diocese of Atlanta, baptized Ella Parr Phillips, daughter of the Rev. Henry Disbro and Ella Reese Phillips, and afterwards celebrated the Holy Communion.
30th. Attended the Convention of the Diocese of Atlanta, by invitation, and spoke a few words of thanks and of
greeting from the Diocese of Georgia.


25th. Christmas Day. Celebrated the Holy Communion on invitation of the Rector in St. James’ Church, Marietta.
26th. Received notice of the meeting of the House of Bishops in New York on February 10, and wrote my inability to be present.
28th. Gave consent to the consecration of the Rev. Alfred Harding, D. D., as Bishop of Washington.

JANUARY, 1909.

3rd. Second Sunday after Christmas. Celebrated the Holy Cmrnunion in St. James’ Church, Marietta, Ga., on invitation of the Rector.
29th. Conferred with the Bishop of Atlanta and others on business of the University of the South.


Savannah, Ga., Feb. 10, 1909.

Confirmations: Savannah,. Christ Church, 16; in private for St. Paul’s Church, Savannah, 1; Augusta, St. Paul’s, 14; Atonement, 7. Total, 38. Lay Readers Licensed, 40.